Upper Dwyer Hill BESS project public meeting Nov. 24

Special to WC Online

PANMURE – The third known West Carleton Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) facility proposal, targeting Upper Dwyer Hill, will host its public meeting online on Nov. 24.

Proponents Solar Flow-Through Funds will be hosting an online meeting to discuss their BESS proposal with the community on Friday, Nov. 24 starting at 1 p.m.

“After more than a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of emerging electricity system needs, driven by increasing demand, the retirement of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, the refurbishment of other nuclear generating units, and expiring supply contracts at other facilities,” Solar Flow-Through staff released in a statement. “To address these needs, the Long-Term Request for Proposals is expected to competitively procure 2,518 megawatts of year-round effective capacity from dispatchable new build resources. These include new build storage facilities, registered or able to become registered in the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)-administered markets, larger than one MW and which can deliver a continuous amount of electricity to a connection point on a distribution system or transmission system for at least four consecutive hours.”

Solar Flow-Through Funds is proposing a 120-MW/480-MW hour battery energy storage system using lithium-ion battery technology. Their project is expected to occupy approximately 10 acres of land at 650 Upper Dwyer Hill Rd., including all required setbacks and spacing and will be located close to an existing solar array site, independently connected to the Ontario electricity grid. There will be roughly 100 seecans housing the battery systems on site.

The BESS will be charged by the local grid overnight when there is low electricity demand and will supply power to the grid at times of high demand, “providing significant benefits to grid reliability.”

BESS components include containerized units housing all necessary batteries, inverters, fire suppression and extinguishment, and HVAC systems. 

This will be the third such proponent-led public meeting on BESS facilities in West Carleton this month. You can read all of West Carleton Online’s BESS coverage here.

The developer is SolarBank, acting as an agent and developer for Solar Flow-Through Funds. SolarBank is a Canadian renewable and clean energy project developer and asset operator.

“Since 2013, SolarBank has enabled the proliferation of renewable and clean energy contributing to reduce carbon emission goals through its development, engineering, and asset management services in Canada and the United States,” staff said.

As part of the project development process, the proponent is mandated to invite community members to attend public meetings. 

“These meetings are intended to ensure that community members have the chance to inform about the project and ask any questions they may have,” Solar Flow-Through said.

To attend the Friday, Nov. 24, 1 p.m. online meeting, you can follow the Microsoft Teams link here.

The IESO long-term request for proposal submission deadline is Dec. 12. If selected for the IESO contract, permitting and development would commence in the third quarter of 2024; and all protocols including but not limited to safety, environmental protection, site plan approval, and applicable visual screening will be followed. The projects are expected to be operational in 2026, and then operating for 22 years per the contract.

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