Baykery providing pandemic food relief

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

CONSTANCE BAY – For more than two months, Baylicious Baykery’s Jeanne Gauthier has been providing free meals for the seniors and vulnerable in her community.

It has kept the home-based baker hopping throughout the pandemic. So much so, its taken West Carleton Online weeks to get through this interview.

When the pandemic was gaining momentum, Gauthier noticed a need and wanted to ensure the seniors and vulnerable residents in her Constance Bay community would be well fed with hearty, homecooked meals.

“I started this program in March when news first came out on the 14 days quarantine,” Gauthier told West Carleton Online. “At that time, I put out a post asking if anyone knows of any seniors needing assistance and I received 15 names and addresses that I reached out to every week with some healthy home-cooked meals.”

Baylicious Baykery offers handmade breads and pies all made from scratch. That quality is going in to the home-cooked meals being delivered to those in need. These are pretty special meals. The menu included smoked apple ham and potato salad with carrot cake and berry muffins; chicken Caesar salads; ham ‘n cheddar quiche with a tossed spring salad and light vinaigrette; prime rib roast and gravy with herb potatoes, veggies, a baked bun and carrot cake and many other incredible meals.

“When we all discovered the quarantine would be much longer than the initial two weeks, I decided to look into fundraising and thankfully found Tamara from Constance Bay Pharmacy who asked to join up and help with funds,” Gauthier said. “Since then we are now on week 11 (at the time of the interview, now week 12) and have more than 30 seniors and immune compromised individuals that we deliver a healthy homemade meal to weekly.”

The cost of feeding more than 30 people regularly is expensive. Along with the help of the pharmacy many other Constance Bay residents have stepped up to donate money and help with delivery to keep the program going.

Community members like Karen and Arthur Shiller, Scott McKibbon, Jo-Ann Campbell, Diane McCarthy, Mike Lajoie, the Aldis family, Garry Humphreys, The Purdys and Jessica Jones have all donated to help keep the program going as the pandemic enters its fourth month.

“We would not be able to continue without the great support and donated funds from our Constance Bay residents,” Gauthier said. “We are hoping to continue this community help for as long as it is needed. We are very happy to have the opportunity to help our seniors and immune compromised at this time. It takes a village of kindness and we are truly blessed to live in a community full of Bay Angels. Constance Bay Strong.”

To connect with the Baylicious Baykery, visit their Facebook page here.

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