Week 2 WC Online trivia winner comes down to a draw

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

WEST CARLETON – Clearly, we’re slipping as after a first week where nobody got all the answers right, there were three perfect scores in the second week of the West Carleton Online Holiday Trivia contest.

This week we got a steady mix of returning trivia masters and first-timers in our trivia contest. And three of them went five-for-five in this week’s trivia contest.

So, that means the winner was chosen by draw. The three finalists’ names were written on a piece of paper which were then folded up in to teeny-tiny squares. Junior editor Eve Leavoy-Davies then selected one of the pieces of papers without even knowing what she was participating in.

And the winner is Corkery’s Pierre Gravel. For every week we’ve held this trivia contest, we’ve had a photo of the winner.  Gravel has long lobbied for more traffic enforcement and promoted safe driving in the Corkery community.

What does that tell me, it tells me it’s West Carleton’s community leaders that subscribe to West Carleton Online and we’re happy to have them. Congratulations, Pierre.

The correct answers to this week’s trivia are:

  1. What young lad who grew up on the Ottawa River near Dunrobin has a gold medal around his neck after winning a World Cup event in France last week? Jared Schmidt. And since that time he’s added one more and his sister Hannah picked up a gold medal too.
  2. How much more is the average rural homeowner going to pay in municipal taxes in 2024 compared to 2023? $86
  3. How old is the Ottawa Valley Hunt club? 150 years.
  4. What was Ottawa Senator forward Claude Giroux doing in Dunrobin last July? Competing and/or acting as honourary co-chair of the Commissionaires Ottawa Open golf tournament.
  5. What’s a radome? A dome that protects a radar antenna like the CSS Building on Craig Side Road.
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