WCFAC encouraging use during pandemic

Special to WC Online

WEST CARLETON – West Carleton is no stranger to disasters. In fact, the last three years go flood, tornado, flood.

This spring is no different, but the disaster is unlike anything West Carleton residents have ever faced before. West Carleton, and the world, is mired in the COVID-19 pandemic.

But it doesn’t matter what the disaster is, the West Carleton Food Access Centre 9WCFAC) is here for you.

“Our community of West Carleton has seen too many tragedies with a tornado and two major floods,” the WCFAC released in a statement yesterday. “Now, with the rest of the world, we are being struck with COVID-19. But this time it is different. After the tornado and floods, we could see the devastation.”

It was clear who needed help.

“We knew who needed help,” the WCFAC said. “We grabbed our generators, chain saws, shovels, hammers and nails. We donated food and clothing. We worked together. We hugged and cried together.”

This time it is different.

“The neighbour’s house looks the same,” the WCFAC said. “We don’t know who needs help. We don’t know if they have lost their job; are they separated from family and alone; are they a frontline worker keeping us safe; are they sick, afraid; do they have food; do they need help?”

The WCFAC is open.

“We have new procedures to keep our volunteers and clients safe,” WCFAC volunteers said. “Many stepped forward to help our community through the tornado and floods, now is the time to step forward for you. If you have never used a food bank, now might be the time to make the call.”

The WCFAC can be reached at 613-832-5685 or email WCfoodaid@gmail.com.

At this time, everyone must make an appointment. The WCFAC is not accepting food donations, but monetary donations are needed. Etransfers to WCfoodaid@gmail.com or cheques payable to West Carleton Food Access Centre mailed to 5670 Carp Rd., Kinburn, ON K0A 2H0 would be appreciated.

“Stay safe, stay home, be kind,” the WCFAC said.

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