First round WC trivia winner a Marathon Village volunteer

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

WEST CARLETON – Our first week winner in the West Carleton Online holiday trivia is a Marathon Village resident with a keen eye on what’s happening across the West Carleton community.

Last week we launched week one of our weekly Holiday trivia contest held throughout the month of December. Each week readers (subscribers or non-subscribers alike) have a chance to win a free one-year subscription, to keep or gift, to West Carleton Online. They only have to answer five simple questions to answer. In most cases we already gave you the answers.

Following the first week of the contest, not one contestant got all five questions correct. These are just statistics, but we feel there is a very real possibility perhaps some of the questions were unintentionally misleading or not clear enough stating what we were looking for. For our question about BESS in West Carleton, many respondents knew what we were talking about, but gave us a location when we were looking for a project name.

All respondents were women. It’s no surprise, women are braver and more intelligent than men. But, and this is based only on observation and memory not statistics, while there are certainly lots and lots of male volunteers I interview over the course of a year, I end up interviewing a lot more female volunteers.

For the trivia contest, Including the bonus questions, there were seven points to be awarded. Two respondents got five of a total seven points.

One of those two respondents amazingly got a bonus question right, but not the corresponding first question correct, giving her five of seven possible points. Our logic was, in a game show format, you only get the bonus question if you get the first question right, so we gave the first week win to Marathon Village’s Françoise L’Abbé.

L’Abbé went four for five of the five main questions, and the one she got wrong, she got mostly right. L’Abbé gave us all three Ward 5 councillors since amalgamation, but added in Betty Hill, who was a regional councillor but never represented West Carleton at Ottawa city council.

For our regular readers, you might know L’Abbé as the organizer of the Marthon Village Corn Roast which celebrated its fourth year last summer. Marathon Village (a small village the publisher lived in for a year in the early ’70s before the family moved to Kinburn) does not have an official community association, but thanks to volunteers like L’Abbé and several others in the communty, Marathon Village hosts several community events like the corn roast, Hallowe’en and Christmas parade.

Congragulations, L’Abbé.

Tune in Monday for the Round 2 questions. Below are the questions and the answers to the first round.

  1. What West Carleton communities are hosting Santa Claus Parades this holiday season? Bonus: what do all the parades have in common this year, for the first time in West Carleton history? Constance Bay, Carp and Fitzroy Harbour. They are all at night (and they are now all in the past).
  2. Who are the co-chairs of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre Village of HOPE campaign? Lawrence Greenspon and Angela Lariviere.
  3. Name all of Ward 5’s councillors since amalgamation? Hint: every one of them is a West Carleton Online subscriber. Dwight Eastman, Eli El-Chantiry and Clarke Kelly.
  4. What does the acronym BESS stand for? Bonus: name the three BESS projects proposed in West Carleton. Battery Energy Storage System. We were looking for the names of the project, which does include a location, but almost all respondents gave us the road names the projects were located on. We were looking for Fitzroy BESS, Arnprior BESS, Upper Dwyer Hill BESS.
  5. Who was the original owner of Kinburn Farm Supply, whose current owner is celebrating 40 years of ownership this year? Leo Colton.
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