WC firefighters host pair of breakfasts

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

WEST CARLETON – In one weekend two different fire halls in West Carleton hosted two different breakfasts on two different days. It was one big win for those in the business of covering community events.

Firefighters make pancakes.
Corkery firefighters know the secret to a perfect pancake is 30 seconds a side. Photo by Jake Davies

And both breakfasts enjoyed glorious weather.

Last Saturday (June 1) the volunteer firefighters in Corkery of Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) Station 84 hosted their annual pancake breakfast at their Old Almonte Road fire hall. The firefighters had their fleet out including the station’s Bush Truck, used for fighting wildfires.

Pure Country had their own truck on hand as well.

Station Capt. Ryan Waterman greeted the community as they came through and the rest of Station 84 served well over 100 breakfasts.

Former councillor Eli El-Chantiry was also present enjoying the most important meal of the day.

Last Saturday’s breakfast was Station 84’s second since returning from COVID-19.

On Sunday, June 2, it Dunrobin’s volunteer firefighters at OFS Station 66 off Dunrobin Road. This breakfast has grown so popular over the years, it rivals Canada Day as Dunrobin’s largest annual event, attracting hundreds rain or shine.

This station is outfitted with a Water Rescue unit and kids lined up to get in the boat and practice some on-water rescue technique.

Coun. Clarke Kelly helped out on the grill while firefighters and breakfast eaters chatted and enjoyed community.

Firefighters make more pancakes.
Coun. Clarke Kelly steps behind the griddle to help the Dunrobin firefighters cook breakfast June 2. Photo by Jake Davies


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