Parsons hopes third time is the charm

VYDON ACRES – Third time candidate James Parsons says the cost of living in Ottawa is too expensive and vows to change that if elected following the Oct. 22 municipal election.

West Carleton Online sat down with Parsons at his Vydon Acres home on Monday, July 16 to discuss his campaign.

“Hydro should have been the Number One issue When Eli El-Chantiry was first elected,” he said. “It’s ridiculous, it’s too expensive and it is still a problem to this day.”

Parsons moved to Vydon Acres 12 years ago from Carlsbad Springs after building his home in 2005. Parsons is a licensed gas-fitter, pesticide applicator, arbourist and business owner with a college education in forestry, fish and wildlife.

He first ran for council in 2010 and came second with 14 per cent of the votes in a three-person race. In 2014, Parsons numbers slipped in a five-person race and he only captured 2.28 per cent of the ward votes.

Parsons says little has changed since the last election. Parsons says if elected he will work on returning weekly garbage collection with no limits and cancel the green bin program to help pay for the increase in waste collection costs. He will cancel the storm water tax on properties that have their own well and septic system. He will institute a ceiling on city staff wages not to exceed the wages paid to the mayor.

Parsons promises no red light cameras or photo radar in West Carleton and plans to initiate an elected Hydro commissioner.

Of course, Parsons, if elected, will need a majority of his fellow councillors to vote with him on these initiatives to make them happen.

“There are ways to solve every kind of problem,” Parsons said.

Parsons says his campaign goal is to visit all the farms in the Ward.

“The bottom line is to get out and talk to the people,” he said. “Farmers are already paying too much. They shouldn’t be happy about that. The cost of living, the cost of everything, keeps growing. Eventually it’s going to be unsustainable.”

After two previous attempts, Parsons is approaching this election differently.

“I won’t do what didn’t work,” he said with a smile. “This race is back to three people again (so far, the deadline to file is July 27) and I feel I have a pretty good chance.”

Parsons says he is “probably the loudest, most rambunctious candidate,” and he expects to be very loud when it comes to the Drainage Act.

“The Drainage Act is a big hammer,” he said. “We know this is bad legislation, this is a bad act. I’m a businessman so this is near and dear to my heart.”

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