Ottawa police make three arrests related to demonstration

OTTAWA – So far, the truckers’ demonstration, entering its fifth day, has produced three arrests for the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).

“Today (Feb. 2), the OPS charged a 48-year-old man from Quebec with uttering threats and counseling to commit an indictable offense not committed, the OPS released in a statement today.

The charge is in relation to threats and comments made on social media, while he was in Ottawa.

“Yesterday (Feb. 1), the OPS arrested and charged Matthew Dorken, 29 of Ottawa, with mischief under $5,000,” the OPS released in a statement yesterday. “On Jan. 29, a man caused mischief to property.”

He was not arrested at the time in order to avoid a larger confrontation.

“On Jan. 30, Andre J LaCasse, 37 of Ottawa, was charged with carrying a weapon to a public meeting under the Criminal Code of Canada.”

 The OPS has its hands full investigation several other incidents related to the ongoing demonstration.

With respect to the demonstration, the Ottawa police is reporting:

  • 13 active investigations;
  • Eight complaints to our hotline, three of which will be investigated by our Hate and Bias Crime Unit;
  • Three men charged with criminal offences;
  • Some progression in the investigation in to the desecration of the National War Monument;
  • A reduction in demonstrators – 50 people on Parliament Hill and another 200 people are gathered nearby.

“We want to be very clear, both for the current demonstrations and any planned demonstrations: Illegal activity will not be tolerated,” the OPS said. “There will be consequences for anyone contravening city bylaws, Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code legislation.”

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