OPS launch Operation Access

Special to WC Online

OTTAWA –The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is launching Operation Access, a voluntary emergency access authorization initiative that will give police access to an apartment building or multi-dwelling building during emergencies or priority calls for service that may be life-threatening, critical or urgent in nature, or where crimes are in progress. This same protocol will also allow police to assist first responders to gain access more expediently.
Starting this month, building owners, landlords and property managers in Ottawa will be able to provide police with options for secure methods of entry should a resident of their building need immediate assistance.
Under certain circumstances, our frontline officers will be able to contact our Communications Centre who will have access to a city-wide database and be able to provide entry into a building through confidential access information housed in a secure computerized system.
“With this initiative, in the event of an emergency, Ottawa Police will be able to gain immediate access to buildings with a greater potential to save lives,” said Inspector Jim Elves, with the Communications Centre. “Seconds count when your safety is at risk, and this new initiative will give police the ability to reach you when you need us most.”
For more information or to sign up for the program, please visit www.ottawapolice.ca/OperationAccess.

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