MVCA says Flood Warning status continues for watershed

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(Editor’s note: As we did during the 2017 flood, 2018 tornado, 2019 flood and COVID-19 pandemic, we are making our coverage of potential extreme flooding in 2023 free access to our entire community providing flooding updates, on-site coverage, important information and resources to West Carleton and beyond, so those outside the area can better understand what is happing in our rural community)

WEST CARLETON – The Flood Warning the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) issued for the Mississippi and Carp River watersheds on May 3 will remain in effect for the time being the flood forecasters said today (May 9).

“The Flood Warning issued by the MVCA on May 3 remains in effect,” MVCA water resources technologist Jennifer North released in a statement today (May 9). “Water levels have peaked in some areas and flows are beginning to drop. However, water levels and flows will remain high in the upcoming days.”

All lakes in the upper watershed have been slowly declining but it will be at least a week before they reach summer target levels.

“Levels on Dalhousie Lake continue to increase due to the excess water coming from the upper watershed, an additional five-centimetre increase in water levels is possible before the expected peak in the next few days,” North said.

Flows on the Clyde River have been dropping steadily since last week.

“Water levels on Mississippi lake have peaked,” North said. “Flows in the lower Mississippi River are levelling off and are expected to peak today (May 9). Above average water levels are expected over the next two weeks as excess water moves downstream through the system.”

Parents are encouraged to remind their children about hypothermia and the dangers of playing near fast flowing water. This Watershed Conditions Statement is in effect until the end of the day on Tuesday, May 16 and will be updated at that time unless the forecasts change.

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