Juke Joint fundraiser supports St. Michael’s Corkery Catholic School

Special to WC Online

CARP – The Juke Joint Soul Kitchen is supporting St. Michael’s Corkery Catholic School through role-reversal by helping the community get in to a pickle.

Delicious, fried pickle chips.

The Juke Joint is launching an April Chromebook Fundraiser through the selling of its popular fried pickle chips.

“For every order of dill pickle chips sold, the Juke Joint Soul Kitchen will donate the proceeds to St. Michael Corkery Catholic School council,” Juke Joint owner Corri Greenberg released in a statement Tuesday (March 30). “Donated funds will be used to purchase new Chromebooks for the school. Chromebooks have been a vital learning tool throughout the pandemic, but they are getting worn out.”

An order of fired pickle chips is only $9.

“Throughout the pandemic the Juke Joint has been focused on providing delicious weekly specials, a fabulous takeout menu, frozen meals and extras,” St. Michael’s staff said. “We are so fortunate to have them in our community. Thank you for your generosity.”

To order your fried pickle chips, you can make your order by calling 613-470-8888 or visit them online at www.thejukejointsoulkitchen.com.

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