Dunrobin WI prepped for Sunday tree lighting

Special to WC Online

People decorate a tree on a ladder.
The Dunrobin WI work on getting their magnificent Christmas tree ready for Sunday’s annual tree lighting. Courtesy the Dunrobin WI

DUNROBIN – The Dunrobin and District Women’s Institute (WI) don’t leave anything to chance, so the community organization spent yesterday (Nov. 22), making sure their special tree is all ready for Sunday’s (Nov. 26) tree lighting.

“Members of the Dunrobin and District Women’s Institute and their loyal, and very helpful, elves gather around the big spruce tree at Younghusband’s Corner to get it all dressed up for its annual Christmas Tree Lighting,” WI member Jane Hilary told West Carleton Online yesterday.

Sunday’s tree lighting, which is open to the entire community and gets underway at 6:30 p.m. at Dunrobin’s only intersection.

“We’ve left lots of room at the bottom of the tree for the kids to help us finish decorating it for Christmas while enjoying a hot chocolate and a home-baked treat,” Hillary said. “We hope to see you there.”

As is tradition as the Dunrobin Tree Lighting enters its seventh year, carols will be sung once the lights are lit.

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