Friends of Carp Hills cancel AGM, launch photography contest

Special to WC Online

CARP – The Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) have had to postpone several spring events as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like you, we had so many plans for spring,” the FCH board released in a statement today (March 25). “But we’ve had to put all of our spring events – the annual general meeting (also scheduled for today) and Holly’s Carp Barrens Study presentation, the guided nature hike, the Carp tick research public meeting (April 14), trail maintenance – on hold until the Covid-19 situation plays out.”

Instead the FCH have proposed some light reading to fulfill your Carp Hill desires.

“In the meantime, we have some activities that you can still undertake on your own or with your family to enhance your appreciation of the Carp Hills,” the board said. “Read our Interpretive Guide about the Crazy Horse Trail.  We have a long version at 11 pages and an abridged version at 5 pages.  Download one in PDF and take a copy with you when you next head out (when conditions permit).”

Check out information about the geography, ecology, and geology of the Carp Hills on the FCH’s web site: About the Carp Hills.  There are maps and lots of references to read.

“Create an account, download the iNaturalist app to your smart phone, and start contributing citizen science observations about the Carp Hills on your next hike (when conditions permit),” the board said. “Make sure you link them to our iNaturalist project: Carp Hills Bio-Inventory. Submit photos to our Spring Photography Contest.”

The FCH is hosting its second seasonal photography contest hot on the heals of its winter contest.

“We are holding our second seasonal photography contest to capture nature’s reanimation and the fleeting beauty of spring in the Carp Hills,” the FCH said. “The contest runs from April 15 to May 31.  The winner will be announced on June 7. Along with public glory, the winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to the Carp Custom Creamery and a one-year new membership or membership renewal to Friends of the Carp Hills.  If the format is suitable, the winning photo will also be used as our Facebook banner for one month and as the banner for the post on photography contest winner.”

The contest judge is FCH board member Christopher Busby.  Busby has 49 years of experience in every facet of photography—from darkroom manager to professional portraitist to newspaper photographer—and three of his pictures were selected by National Geographic photo editors for publication in Your Shot.

You can find the contest rules and how to submit your photos at Spring Photography Contest on our web site.

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