Committee aligns rooming-house definitions in by-laws with zoning review

The City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee today approved changes to the definition of rooming houses in the licensing and property standards by-laws, to align with the Council-approved R4 and Multi-Unit Residential Zoning Review.

With consistent definitions, the City can better identify illegal rooming houses and enforce related standards, including annual inspections.

The Director of Housing Services could soon be able to combine funding for rent supplements and housing allowances into a single funding envelope under the City’s Housing and Homelessness Investment Plan, following the Committee’s approval of delegated authority.

Currently, the City provides a specific number of each type of housing benefit. Combining the benefits allows the City to respond to changing conditions in the rental market and provide choice to residents in need of affordable housing.

The Committee received an update on Crime Prevention Ottawa’s activities in 2017, including an evaluation of all investments made in 2016.

A future park in Cumberland Ward could be named the Don Boudria Parkfollowing the Committee’s approval of a commemorative naming proposal. The Honourable Don Boudria served at all three levels of government and in many volunteer capacities in the community.

The Committee also received an update on the expansion of the Ottawa Art Gallery and the redevelopment of Arts Court.

Items from today’s Community and Protective Services Committee will go to City Council on Wednesday, June 27.


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