C Bay pharmacy COVID-19 vaccinations arrive

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

CONSTACE BAY – There’s been a bit of time between the Constance Bay Pharmacy’s approval to inoculate the COVID-19 vaccine and the arrival of said vaccine, but it’s here now and you can now book your vaccination shot in Constance Bay.

On May 12, Constance Bay Pharmacy owner Tamara Awada announced her pharmacy had been approved by the province to inoculate people with the COVID-19 vaccination at its location.

The pharmacy started accepting pre-registration at that time while it awaited delivery of its vaccination supply from the province.

“Our community and West Carlton communities deserve to have available health care services for them in their own ward,” Awada told West Carleton Online at the time. “It was heartbreaking for me to see our eligible-for-vaccines residents struggling to hunt for an appointment. Some of them went all the way to Kingston to get their vaccine.”

Less that three weeks later, the first supply of doses have arrived at the pharmacy and staff are ready to begin inoculating residents with the Moderna brand of COVID-19 vaccine.

“Moderna vaccine available now at the Constance Bay Compounding Pharmacy,” the pharmacy released in a statement Friday (June 4). “First and second doses for eligible patients aged 70-and-up who had Moderna as a first dose.”

If you qualify under the pharmacy’s parameters you can book your appointment for a vaccination at the Constance Bay Pharmacy by clicking here.

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