C Bay, Harbour Catholic churches to require masks during services

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

CONSTANCE BAY and FITZROY HARBOUR – Both St, Michael’s and St. Gabriel’s Catholic churches will now require its congregations to where masks while attending services.

Father John Orban, who presides over both churches, made the announcement yesterday (Jan. 15).

“Greetings from St. Michael and St. Gabriel parishes,” Orban said. “With the recent cold snap announcing that winter has finally arrived, it looks like Monday’s (Jan. 15) snowstorm will be its exclamation mark. Wearing masks now seem all the more functional as they now double as face warmers. In response to the rising numbers of COVID-19 infections the Archbishop Damphousse has made the wearing of masks a requirement for attending mass. This will take effect on Monday for an indefinite period. Hopefully this will have a negative effect on the spread of viruses in our churches and a positive one for our parishioners.”

In previously provincially mandated lockdowns, churches had to suspend in-church services. That was not the case with the most recent, currently ongoing, lockdown. The current lockdown is expected to continue until the last week of January, when the Ontario government will re-visit the issue and decide whether or not to lift it.

“As we enter the second week of Ordinary Time, the reflection this week looks at the first miracle Jesus performed, turning water into wine as a way to start his Messianic ministry,” Orban said. “Hopefully you will find some warmth and comfort from it on these otherwise cold and snowy days. May you always keep warm by the fire of God’s love.”

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