ARAC adds one-per-centers to flood plain map

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved amendments to the flood-plain overlay in the Zoning By-law, based on updated flood-plain mapping provided by the Rideau Valley, Mississippi Valley and South Nation Conservation Authorities.

The flood-plain overlay shows the location of lands that have a one-per-cent chance of flooding in any given year. These amendments would ensure the most up-to-date information is used to determine the boundaries of that area.

The Planning committee will consider the urban impacts of the revised flood-plain at its meeting on Tuesday, June 12. The report will then go to city council on Wednesday, June 27.

ARAC approves training facility extension
A west-end training facility for Ottawa Fire Services looks set to continue operations following the June 7 Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting. The committee approved a one-year extension to the zoning amendment needed to operate the Moodie Drive facility.

The lands are zoned for mineral extraction, but Ottawa Fire Services has been using the site to offer training over the last two years, including controlled burn exercises as well as classroom work in portables.

Ottawa Fire Services intends to apply to have the site permanently rezoned before the extension expires in September 2019. Through that process, which would include public consultation, the aim is to make this training facility permanent.
All other items approved at today’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting will go to council on Wednesday, June 13.

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