Wildfire smoke returns to WC this afternoon

Special to WC Online

WEST CARLETON – As one of the worst wildfire seasons in northeastern Ontario and Quebec continues to rage, the wind will bring back the smoke starting this afternoon (June 28).

For the third time this month, air quality is expected to be extremely poor starting later today (June 28), and Environment Canada is issuing another Special Air Quality Statement that could extend in to Friday (June30).

“High levels of air pollution will develop due to smoke from forest fires,” Environment Canada released in a statement today. “High levels of air pollution will develop this afternoon or tonight due to smoke from forest fires. Smoke plumes from forest fires over northeastern Ontario and Quebec will move into the area through the afternoon, resulting in deteriorated air quality. These conditions are expected to continue on Thursday (June 29) and possibly on Friday (June 30).”

Air quality and visibility due to wildfire smoke can fluctuate over short distances and can vary considerably from hour to hour.

For more details, please consult www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/air-quality-health-index/wildfire-smoke.html.

Wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone’s health even at low concentrations. Continue to take actions to protect your health and reduce exposure to smoke.

People with lung disease (such as asthma) or heart disease, older adults, children, pregnant people, and people who work outdoors are at higher risk of experiencing health effects caused by wildfire smoke.

Visit www.airhealth.ca for information on how to reduce your health risk and your personal contribution to pollution levels, as well as for current and forecast AQHI values.

Environment Canada issued air quality warnings on both June 6 and June 16, also related to wildfires in Ontario and Quebec.

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