WCSS teacher brings back crafts

By Michelle Russett - West Carleton Online

WCSS – Creativity is only limited to your imagination – and West Carleton Secondary School (WCSS) has imagined up a new club to bring new forms of art to students.

WCSS arts teacher Sarah Kinney banded high school students passionate about art together today (Feb. 14) to form a new crafts club. The club will offer students the possibility of exploring a variety of art forms, such as bookbinding, embroidery and creating bath bombs.

“We used to have a crafts course here [at WCSS] so I have a lot of supplies – everything from yarn and knitting needles to sewing machines and beading looms,” Kinney said. “This whole room is full of every crafter’s dream.”

Initial interest was high, with 16 students, close to the size of a full class, attending the first meeting.

“I decided to join because I want to rekindle my love for arts and crafts,” Grade 12 student Dereline Metcalfe said.

Other students expressed a desire to learn practical skills for their adult life – one such student, Grade 12 student Maggie Gattrell, said “I want to learn to sew so that when I’m on my own in the future, I’m able to repair my pants and save money.”

Students discussed the possibility of continuing the charitable legacy of the former WCSS crafts course, which includes making dog beds for animal shelters; scarves for the homeless; baby blankets for premature births; and colorful pillowcases for long term children’s hospital patients.

“Crafting is a great way to connect you to communities,” Kinney told the students. “There’s a real sense of satisfaction.”

The crafts club plans to begin with hand-sewing lessons at their next meeting.

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