WC outdoor hockey league back for 2021

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

WEST CARLETON – West Carleton’s most fun hockey league, the West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League (WCOHL), is returning to shinny rinks around Ward 5 this winter after a one-year COVID-19-forced year off.

The WCOHL has a history more than 40-years-old, and after years of asking a variety of volunteers over the last few seasons, West Carleton Online has given up on pinpointing the exact date.

The WCOHL is popular because it knows exactly what it is. It’s a fun, non-competitive, affordable opportunity for more people to play hockey and for more players to get even more ice time. The league has coaches, practices, referees but does not have contact or scorekeeping and allows boys and girls from age five to 15 to play hockey, outdoors, like their forefathers. Or maybe their forefathers’ forefathers.

Today (Oct. 12) WCOHL veterans, newbies and parents heard the news some have been waiting two years to hear.

“Hello community families,” the WCOHL community convenors released in a statement. “Just a quick (note) to let you know we are starting to plan our outdoor rink season. We have confirmed the following communities will be participating this year: Constance Bay, Carp, Corkery and Fitzroy Harbour. Stay tuned for more details and please share this with new families you know that might be interested.”

The WCOHL usually runs from mid-December to March – as soon as the ice freezes for as long as the ice stays frozen.

You do not have to live in one of those communities to join the WCOHL this season.

To find out more about the West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League, visit their Facebook page here.

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