WC Online trivia week three winner a Day 1 subscriber

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

WEST CARLETON – Once again we made our trivia questions too easy this week (that’s the last time we will make that mistake), so once again this week’s winner was determined by draw.

In our third week in our four-week holiday trivia contest, we had a record-breaking four people get all five questions right.

In continuing trends, all four were women, all four were previous subscribers, and all four, at one point or another over our more than five-year history, have been interviewed for stories in West Carleton Online. But there can be only one winner (our accountant demanded it).

The draw for the winner of a one-year West Carleton Online subscription occurred at Ottawa Valley Coffee just moments ago (Dec. 22). The four trivia champions’ names were folded in to individual pieces of paper. An Ottawa Valley Coffee staff member drew the winning name, as is tradition, with no idea why she was drawing a name until afterwards. And the winner is Constance Bay’s Shannon Spallin.

While we have no favourites at West Carleton Online, we were particularly happy when Spallin’s name was drawn. Many of the readers know of the travails of publisher Jake Davies and his West Carleton Online mobile unit over the last several weeks. Not only are the Spallins susbcribers from Day 1, Spallin and her husband Scott lent us a car, picked us up and dropped us off when our car was finally fixed. They were lifesavers and allowed West Carleton Online, to continue to cover the community over those several long weeks.

Congratulations, Spallin and thank you, and thank you to all our entries and readers. Next Monday (Dec. 25), will be the final week of our West Carleton Online Holiday Trivia contest, and we are going to make it super tough. Because of that, we are also going to throw in a West Carleton Online hat for the winner of our final one-year subscription. Answers from this week below.

  1. What organization is Jane Wilson association with? Ottawa Wind Concerns and/or Wind Concerns Ontario (we accepted either/or)
  2. Who made the tastiest Christmas cookies in all of Galetta this year? Madison Irvine
  3. What did the Kanata Sailing Club do without for the last five years? Electricity
  4. How many Christmas cards did West Carleton school kids make for seniors this holiday season? More than 200
  5. How many floats were in the record-breaking Carp Santa Claus Parade. 40
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