Three COVID-19 Delta variant related deaths in Ottawa this month

Special to WC Online

OTTAWA – Ottawa Public Health (OPH) says an 80-year-old resident is dead after battling COVID-19, one of three to pass away due to complications related to the Delta variant this month.

It’s the third COVID-19 related death reported this month, and the health unit says all three have been linked to the Delta variant. Overall, there have been 596 COVID-19 deaths in Ottawa over the course of the pandemic.

The deceased break down by age group as follows: one person in their 20s; one in their 30s; eight in their 40s; 28 in their 50s; 72 in their 60s; 112 in their 70s; 205 in their 80s; and 169 in their 90s.

OPH is confirming 55 new cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa today, (Sept. 30). There have been 337 new cases over the last seven days. The health unit says it knows of 387 active cases of the virus in the community.

The number of Ottawa residents in hospital due to COVID-19 is unchanged at 17 with 10 in intensive care.

The number of Delta variant cases confirmed in Ottawa over the last 30 days is down to 204.

COVID-19 outbreaks have been cleared at a pair of local schools leaving 12 on outbreak status as of Thursday. Two childcare centres and four healthcare facilities are also experiencing outbreaks and OPH is monitoring one community outbreak linked to a private social event.

According to OPH, 88 per cent of residents over the age of 12 have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine and 83 per cent have had both jabs.

The rate of infection among Ottawa’s unvaccinated vaccine-eligible population is still 11 times higher than it is for the fully vaccinated population. The local rate of infection per 100,000 residents for those vaccinated against the virus is at 9.7, whereas the rate for those unvaccinated (or vaccinated with one dose under 14 days) is 103.4. The rate per 100,000 residents for those who are waiting for their second shot is 44.5. 

The local COVID-19 positivity rate is 2.3 per cent.

There have been 29,830 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa (28,847 resolved) since March of 2020.

Ottawa medical officer of health Dr. Vera Etches is urging residents to exercise caution as the city heads further into fall and people start to plan indoor holiday gatherings.

Taking stock of close contacts and limiting that group as much as possible is a good first step, the doctor said yesterday (Sept. 29).

“Keep the gatherings small,” Etches said. “Limiting contacts, wearing a mask; these are the things that will help us keep things manageable.”

Ottawa’s top doctor says there are more cases of COVID-19 popping up in schools compared to last year, but transmission has been limited. She feels confident schools will remain open throughout the rest of the year.

Etches said overall the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the city and the amount of people in hospital with the virus remains stable.

As of yesterday, there are 17 people in Ottawa hospitals with COVID-19, 10 of whom are in ICUs.

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