Support St. Michael’s Fitzroy Harbour with spring seed purchase

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FITZROY HARBOUR – Sew your seeds and support St. Michael’s Catholic School, Fitzroy Harbour at the exact same time.

“St. Mike’s School Council is having an amazing spring fundraiser,” the school council released in a statement Feb. 22. “We are selling seed packets from Make it Sow. We have an ideal opportunity for anyone considering planting a vegetable or flower garden, large or small, to purchase various seeds and support St. Mikes school, simultaneously. We will be running the fundraiser from Feb. 21 to Mar 8.”

Make it Sow only uses high-quality seeds and stands behind its products with 100 per cent guaranteed satisfaction. They do not supply GMO seeds and only use germination-tested sources ideal for Canadian climates.

Make it Sow has a wide variety of seeds, from flowers to vegetables and a seed starter Greenhouse kit.

To see what is available, follow this link:, and the group code for the St. Michael’s fundraiser is: SMFH_2024

Please submit your orders no later than March 8.

“The Make It Sow Bonus program will also plant trees on our behalf,” the council said. “For every 10 packages we sell, they will plant one tree in Canada on our behalf with the certificate, so if we sell 200 packages, they will plant 20 trees.”

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