OPG reminds you hydro dams are not recreation facilities

Special to WC Online

OTTAWA VALLEY – Many families are eager to enjoy the last long weekend of summer.

Waterways will be buzzing with people out having fun. Ontario Power Generation (OPG) reminds you the dangers around hydroelectric stations and dams are real – stay clear, stay safe.

“The message is simple, stay clear, stay safe,” OPG SVP, Renewable Generation Paul Seguin said. “Enjoy this last long weekend of the summer safely, by paying attention to water levels, warning signs, and fences and other barriers.”

OPG operates 66 hydroelectric stations and 241 dams on 24 Ontario river systems.

You may feel you understand the risks, but if you choose to swim, boat or fish near a hydroelectric station or dam, your life is on the line. Calm riverbeds below dams may look inviting but they can quickly change into rapidly flowing waterways with dangerous currents.

Despite continued warnings, some people disregard our signs and barriers, putting themselves at risk. OPG works with Ontario Provincial Police to enforce these warnings and police could lay charges.

For more information about water safety, please visit www.opg.com/watersafety.

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