MP Sudds offers to help with your taxes

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KANATA-CARLETON – Tax time is around the corner and once again your local Member of Parliament is ready to help you file them if you need assistance.

Jenna Sudds at the House of Commons.
MP Jenna Sudds is volunteering to help you with your taxes. Photo by Jake Davies

“Need assistance filing your income taxes this year?” Kanata-Carleton MP Jenna Sudds’ office released in a statement today (March 9). “My office will be hosting a volunteer-run income tax filing clinic, free of charge. “

Sudds will be hosting the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) to assist constituents of Kanata-Carleton, free of charge, with simple 2022 income tax returns. 

To be eligible for the CVITP, individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation.  In general, a tax situation is simple if an individual has no income or if their income comes from these sources:

  • employment
  • pension
  • benefits, such as Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, disability insurance, employment insurance, and social assistance
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • support payments
  • scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, or grants
  • interest (under $1,000)

In general, CVITP defines a modest income as an individual whose individual income is less than $35,000, or the total family income is less than the amount shown in the chart below, based on the size of the family.

Suggested income levels (Family Size – Total Family Income)

  • 1 person – $35,000
  • 2 people – $45,000
  • 3 people – $47,500
  • 4 people – $50,000
  • 5 people – $52,500
  • More than five people – $52,500, plus $2,500 for each additional person

Family size includes an individual, or a couple, and their dependents.

A tax situation is defined as simple if the recipient has no income or if their income comes from employment or pension; benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, disability, employment insurance or social assistance; a registered retirement savings plan; support payments; scholarships, fellowships, bursaries or grants; interest under $1,000.

To see if you qualify for the free tax clinic, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

To register for the CVITP Program, please complete the online form on this webpage. 

If you have any questions, reach out to

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