Madawaska’s Freda is senior city champ

HWY. 17 – The Madawaska Golf Club’s Perry Freda captured the Ottawa Citizen Senior City Championship, June 22 with a one shot victory over Rick Coloumbe.

The championship is three rounds of golf hosted at the Carleton Golf and Country Club, the Gatineau Golf Club and the final round at Eagle Creek Golf Club. Freda shot a blistering opening round of 71 followed up with a second round 72. He held on to the victory with a final round of 78 at Eagle Creek to clinch the one-shot victory.

Freda also competed in the OVGA Senior Championships held at the Sand Point Golf Club and finished in fifth place.

The Madawaska Men’s OVGA Intersectional team competed in Division F at the Madawaska Golf Club on Sunday, July 8. The team finished in second position behind Algonquin Golf Club and will remain in Division F for the 2019 matches.

Deep River Golf Club finished in third position and Greensmere Golf Club finished in fourth position and will drop down to Division G for the 2019 matches.

Perry Freda was the lone six point winner for Team Madawaska which also included Gary Grainger, Jon Freda, Jack Killeen, Bill Descoteaux, Kevin Ryan, Bob Carty, Dan McCaskill, Frank Pecora, Dave Babineau, Ray Kulchyski and Lloyd Powell.

Triple Bogey Brewery sponsored the June 28 Men’s Day.

Bill Descoteaux and Jon Freda were the A flight winners followed by Dave Babineau and Ray Kulchyski in B flight.

Dennis Bouchard and Brian Wallace were the C flight winners and the D flight winners were John Kohli and Gilbert Paquette. The long drivers were Bill Desoteaux and Jay Grainger and the closest to the pin winners were Bill Descoteaux and Dave Cornier. Rob Frietag was the long putter for the day.

The July Field Day was won by Terry Smeltzer with a net score of 64. C flight low scorers included Kevin Ledgerwood, Doug Parkin and Brent Mosley. B flight winners included Brian Wallace, Frank Pecora, Dave Babineau and Brian Bonnar, followed by the A flight winners, Bob Carty, Jack Killeen, Bill Descoteaux and Perry Freda.

The Madawaska Golf Club sponsored the July 5 Men’s Day. Curtis Proulx and Bob Carty were the A flight winners.

Frank Pecora and Brian Bonnar were the B flight winners followed by Ben Jones and Gary Wall in C flight. Doug Parkin and Braeden Broome were the D flight winners for the evening. Matt Brown and Braeden Broome were the long drivers for the evening and Andrew Reid won the long putt honours. Gary Grainger and Mark Murdoch were the closets to the pin winners for the evening and Robert Caruthers was the closest to the line winner.

The Downtown Barber in Arnprior sponsored Men’s Day on July 12.

Bob Carty and Ray Kulchyski were the A flight winners followed by Brian Bonnar and Dave Babineau in B flight. Keith Runtz was the D flight winner and Richard Brule was the C flight winner. Drew Lavictoire and Ron Lajeunesse were the long drivers with Caleb Brown and Richard Brule winning the closest to the pin for the day. Caleb Brown was the long putt winner.

Men’s Day on July 19 was sponsored by The Madawaska Men’s Club. Jon Freda and Gary Grainger were the A flight winners followed by Chad Brennan and Bill Descoteaux in B flight. Gary Wall and Kevin Turcotte were the C flight winners followed by Keith Runtz and Mark Murdoch in D flight. The long drivers were Curtis Proulx and Jon Bennett. Hal Grainger and Jon Bennett were the closest to the pin winners and Ken Ledgerwood was the long putter

Mel’s Flowers in Arnprior sponsored Men’s Day on July 26. Bob Carty and Kevin Ryan were the A flight winners followed by Hal Grainger and Lloyd Powell in B flight.  Dan Kennedy and Gary Wall were the C flight winners and Andrew Reid and Mark L’Abbe were the D flight low shooters for the day. Frank Pecora and Keith Runtz were the long drivers and Jack Killeen and Keith Runtz were the closest to the pin for the day. Chad Brennan had the long putt.

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