FHCA says 2023 busy in brief AGM

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

FITZROY HARBOUR – The Fitzroy Harbour Community Association (FHCA) is so efficient, their annual general meeting last Tuesday (May 7) was over before West Carleton Online arrived.

In 30 minutes the FHCA had wrapped up a year end review, its 2023 financials and its 2024 budget moving forward.

West Carleton Online caught up to FHCA board member Adam Brown shortly after the AGM meeting doing what else but watching youth fastball on the ball diamonds.

Brown said the FHCA had to grab some fans from the ball field stands to ensure quorum for the meeting. Despite that, he says there is no shortage of volunteers to run events and programming at the community centre, but not many of them want to be a board member.

Long-serving FHCA President Karen Taylor gave a review of a busy 2023.

“Our year in 2023 was very busy,” Taylor said in her President’s Report. “Back up to normal hall usage after some quiet years.”

The FHCA hosted, or helped host, events in 2024 like Spring Cleaning the Harbour, Harbour Days 2023, a Hallowe’en Part, a Christmas Craft Market, a Children’s Christmas Party, a New Year’s Eve Party, a Winter Carnival and a Spring Craft Market. West Carleton Online covered every one of those events and you can find stories in our archives.

“These events were huge successes thanks to the volunteers who worked hard to make them happen,” Taylor said. “We continue to welcome any volunteers who are able to get involved and help out. We hope to offer all these events again in the upcoming year.”

Winter weather did not cooperate “but we did have a skating season on our outdoor rink.”

The community had 30 registrants for the West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League.

2024 softball already has approximately 130 registrants. Drop-in pickleball continues on the outdoor court.

“Our sports fields were well used by rental groups in 2023,” Taylor said.

In general, Taylor says 2024 was a successful year.

“As always, we seek new executive members for the FHCA board,” Taylor said. “Those who do not wish to get involved on the executive can still volunteer with the FHCA by taking on activities, events or projects. Contact an FHCA executive member to get involved.”

The 2023 Treasurer’s Report covers the financial year which ends Dec. 31.

“Our statements were prepared by our accountant for review and submitted to the city and the federal government as required,” treasurer Mark D’Arcy said. “Our Statement of Financial Operations is posted on www.fitzroyharbour.com for review.”

The FHCA’s total revenue in 2023 was $168,600 with bar revenue being the biggest contributor at $83,700. City grants totalled $44,500 in operating grants.

Expenses in 2023 totalled about $161,000 with wages ($58,300), bar and canteen expenses ($47,700) and maintenance ($22,700) being the biggest expenses.

At the end of 2023, the FHCA had a surplus of $7,600. The FHCA’s long-term GIC investment fund for capital improvement is at approximately $73,300.

“The FHCA is in a good financial position,” D’Arcy said. “Going forward in 2024, we have already received our operating grant from our partners at the City of Ottawa, as well as we have been approved for a grant for the new furniture we recently ordered. We will continue to pursue grants to offset some of our hall improvement projects and acquisitions.”

The 2024 executive includes Taylor, D’Arcy, Sean Ovington, Brown, Kelly Roper, Colin Ovington and Wendy Mayhew.

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