FCH pleased with city’s response to Carp subdivision concerns

Special to WC Online

CARP – The Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) was one organization that took advantage of the public commenting period for a 119-residential unit subdivision proposed for 232 Donald B Munro Dr.

The FCH is a volunteer group working to preserve the Canadian Shield landscape of the Carp Hills, which is unique within Ottawa. At 4,000 hectares, this municipal nature reserve is the city’s second largest natural area, a candidate provincial and regional Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest, and a provincially significant wetland complex.

“Friends of the Carp Hills submitted comments to the City of Ottawa on the new development proposed in the village of Carp for Donald B. Munro Drive opposite Meadowridge,” the FCH released in a statement yesterday (March 16). “Our priority is to safeguard the regionally significant, Canadian Shield ecology of the Carp Hills by managing access to it from the new development. We do not oppose the development, but want to ensure that its design uses best practices and lessons learned from other recent developments adjacent to the Carp Hills.”

So, the FCH submitted comments to the city during the public scrutiny period that ended Feb 28.

“We were pleased to see both a plan and a thoughtful Environmental Impact Statement that respected the natural heritage features of the property, including Species at Risk and the Natural Environment Area line,” the FCH said. “We are working on adding a new trailhead that connects to the Crazy Horse Trail.  This would achieve one of our goals, which is to provide a village access point to the trail.  We will work collaboratively with city staff and the developer as plans progress.”

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