El-Chantiry: Ward 5 bi-weekly news for Sept. 7

The Councillor's Column

Mental-Health Support for Farmers and their Families

When your day stops, the silence takes hold. That’s when your thoughts come into focus.

If you’re in need of support, please reach out and call anytime – from the tractor, from the barn, or from the house after the sun sets on another long day.

Call: 1-866-267-6255

Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. The Farmer Wellness Initiative provides access to free counselling services and tailored mental-health support and resources to all Ontario farmers and their families.

Farming demands bravery and resiliency, but there’s still a stigma around admitting your challenges and asking for help. Your job is tough. Reaching out doesn’t have to be. For more information, please click here.

The Farmer Wellness Initiative is paid for in part by the governments of Canada and Ontario and through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a five-year federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Farmer Wellness Initiative is supported by the Canadian Mental Health Association – Ontario Division, in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. Counselling services are provided by LifeWorks.

Kinburn Community Centre Home to New Mural

Be sure to visit the Kinburn Community Centre, where a special mural now adorns one exterior wall. The mural, which members of the local community painted on August 31, was made possible thanks to a Paint It Up! mural program grant from Crime Prevention Ottawa. Thank you to the Kinburn Community Association and the Association’s Paint It Up! Mural Team for spearheading such a wonderful initiative that is truly reflective of our beautiful and dynamic rural community. This was a project I was very proud to endorse.

Apply Now for Grants Through the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program

The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) provides funding to landowners and non-profit organizations for projects that protect surface water and groundwater quality, with grants of up to $15,000 available. Farmers from rural and urban Ottawa along with landowners within rural Ottawa are eligible to apply. Funding is still available for 2022, and applications are considered on anongoing basis. Visit www.ottawa.ca/cleanwater to see a full list of eligible projects and to complete an application form.

Trees In Trust Autumn Planting Schedule for Ward 5

Forestry Services’ fall caliper tree planting program is scheduled to begin on Sept. 19 and will run until mid November, weather permitting. This includes tree planting in parks, at City facilities, and along streets through Forestry Services’ lifecycle tree planting programs as well as the projects for the 2022 Schoolyard Tree Planting Grant Program. The fall planting also includes trees that were not planted last spring due to the May 21 derecho weather event. Please note that the list of locations does not include trees planted by other City services, through development projects or by applicants as a condition of tree removal permits.

  • 1 Acer Saccharum sugar maple will be planted on Homesteaders Road
  • 1 Acer Saccharum sugar maple will be planted on Marshwood Road

Wood Burning Tips

As we are heading into the fall and cooler weather, many Ottawa residents burn wood as a primary or additional heat source for their homes. This creates pollution and steps should be taken to burn wood safely to reduce the quantity of smoke and ultimately help protect the health of yourself, your family and your neighbours.

  • Replace older wood burning equipment with new, high-efficiency and low-emission appliances.
  • Look for a wood stove that’s been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and certified by the Canadian Standards Association.
  • Start your fire with newspaper and dry kindling.
  • Burn only clean, dry and well-seasoned wood and newsprint.
  • Never burn garbage and products such as cardboard.
  • Keep fires small and hot.
  • Install smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

For more information, visit Wood Burning – Ottawa Public Health, or contact Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744.

Make your property uninviting to coyotes and other wildlife

Coyote sniffing discarded food scraps.

You can take preventative measures around your property to prevent attracting and encountering coyotes and other wildlife.

Last year, 476 coyote sightings were reported to the City. If you see one or more coyotes in your neighbourhood, you can report it to Service Ottawa online at ottawa.ca, email 311@ottawa.ca or call 3-1-1. If a coyote is posing an immediate threat or danger to the public, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Coyotes are usually wary and fearful of humans.  But should you encounter a coyote, follow these important instructions:

  • Remain calm and slowly back away from the coyote
  • Do not turn your back and run
  • Stand tall, wave your hands, and make plenty of loud noises

Please click here to learn more.

Nominate a West Carleton-March resident for the 2022 Order of Ottawa or the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching

A medallion, a medal and coin with the Order of Ottawa emblem sit on top of blue velvet in display box.

The Order of Ottawa celebrates outstanding citizens. This prestigious civic award recognizes exceptional citizen contributions in the many areas of city life including arts and culture, business, philanthropy, health care, education, public service, labour, communications and media, science, sports, entertainment or other fields of endeavour that benefit the citizens of Ottawa.

In 2003, in recognition of Brian Kilrea’s 1,000th career victory, the City of Ottawa created the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching to acknowledge the contribution of an amateur coach who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership and commitment that have been the hallmarks of Brian Kilrea’s exceptional career. The Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching will be presented at the Order of Ottawa awards ceremony.

An outstanding citizen may be nominated for either the Order of Ottawa or the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching. 

Nominations close Sept. 9. For the nomination process and details, please click here.

Your Councillor in the Community

The Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre Turns 45


I attended the Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre’s 45th anniversary celebration on August 27. Mayor Jim Watson and I presented association president Karen Taylor with a certificate to mark this very special occasion and she presented us with home-made retirement plaques! Thank you to the association and happy anniversary!

Constance Bay Pickleball League Wrap-Up Party


Thank you to Wanita and Rick Race for inviting me to attend the Constance Bay Pickleball Wrap-up Party on August 27. I was honoured to present a certificate, signed by Mayor Jim Watson and myself, to Suzanne and Bill Monnon for their incredible dedication to growing the Constance Bay Pickleball League.

Palestinian Festival Opening


I was pleased to attend the opening of the Palestinian Festival at Ottawa City Hall on August 26 with Mayor Jim Watson.

Ottawa-Carleton Plowmen’s Association’s 2022 Plowing Match


Thank you to the Ottawa Carleton Plowmen’s Association for inviting me to take part in their VIP Plowing Competition during their Plowing Match in Ashton on August 26 and 27. Thank you to the host family and the many volunteers for their hard work ensuring this two-day event was such a success.

St. Mary’s Old-Time Corn Boil and BBQ

Thank you to the St. Mary’s community in Dunrobin for their incredible hospitality during their Old-Time Corn Roast on August 24. I appreciated everyone’s well wishes.

Ward 5 Development Applications, Road Works and Culvert Projects

Development Applications

Recently updated development applications can be reviewed at this link: Ward 5 – West Carleton-March. The City of Ottawa’s Development Application Search Tool is also available by clicking here.

Project Update – Culvert Replacement – Old Second Line Road 0.36 km North of Murphy Side Road

The City of Ottawa will begin replacement of the large culvert under Old Second Line Road 0.36 km North of Murphy Side Road. The replacement project is delayed by a week and is now scheduled to begin Sept. 19. Old Second Line Road at the structure is scheduled to be closed for a maximum of seven weeks. A signed detour will be in place via Murphy Side Road/Dunrobin Road/Thomas A. Dolan Parkway. Access will be provided for local residents in the closure area who are affected. For more information, please click here.

Renewal of Small Culverts

The City of Ottawa’s stormwater infrastructure benefits all areas of the city – urban, suburban and rural. During major rainfalls and snow melts, ditches and culverts play major roles in diverting the runoff from fields, properties and roadways to creeks, streams and rivers. In 2022, there will be approximately $18 million to support the renewal of drainage culverts crossing city roads across the city, with $10.2 million for renewing or replacing culverts in rural areas.

As part of the City of Ottawa’s annual infrastructure maintenance cycle, rural road culvert replacements will occur to improve drainage and roadways. This work is being conducted to complete culvert rehabilitation/replacements.

What: Work will involve rehabilitation/replacement of the culverts beneath the roadway, and asphalt resurfacing.

Why: The culverts were selected for renewal due to poor condition and end-of-service life. 

When: Construction will start in September 2022 and be completed by the end of 2022. Minor landscape work may take place in spring 2023. 


  • Carp Road culvert at approximately 0.90 km south of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway, a road closure may take place for up to a week on Carp Road from Craig Side Road to Thomas A. Dolan Parkway during construction.
  • Carp Road culvert at approximately 0.20 km south of Baird Side Road and Baird Side Road culvert at approximately 0.01 km west of Carp Road, construction duration approximately 1 to 2 weeks. A road closure may take place for up to a week on Carp Road (from Thomas A. Dolan Parkway to Baird Side Road) and on Baird Side Road (from Carp Road to Diamondview Road). The road closures for Carp Road and Baird Side Road will not be at the same time, but in succession of one another.
  • Dunrobin Road culvert at approximately 1.00 km north of Porcupine Trail. A road closure may take place for up to a week on Dunrobin Road from Porcupine Trail to Vances Side Road during construction.
  • Loggers Way culvert at approximately 0.38 km north of Kinburn Side Road and the Loggers Way culvert at approximately 1.00 km north of Kinburn Side Road. A road closure may take place for up to two weeks for each culvert on Loggers Way (from Kinburn Side Road to Yucks Lane). The road closures for the two culverts will not be at the same time, but in succession of one another.
  • McGee Side Road culvert at approximately 0.05 km east of Diamondview Road. A road closure may take place for up to a week on McGee Side Road from Carp Road to Diamondview Road during construction.
  • Panmure Road culvert at approximately 0.01 km west of Stonewalk Way. Lane closures may take place, however, the road will remain open to traffic at all times.
  • Sixth Line Road culvert (A641430) at approximately 0.20 km north of Pinhey’s Point Road. A road closure may take place for up to a week on Sixth Line Road from Berry Side Road to Thomas A. Dolan Parkway during construction.

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained the contractor, Goldie Mohr Ltd., to complete the work.

Culvert Replacement, Contract No. CP000604

As part of the City of Ottawa’s annual infrastructure maintenance cycle, rural road culvert replacements will occur to improve drainage and roadways. This work is being conducted to complete culvert replacements.

What: The culverts will be lined or replaced using open-cut construction as required.

Why: The culverts have reached end of life and require replacement.

When: The following work was scheduled to begin mid-August and completion is anticipated by early September 2022 using open-cut construction. It was to include a one-week road closure with a signed detour route.

Where: John Shaw Road – Kinburn Side Road to Grants Side Road

Renewal of Medium Culverts What: Work will involve rehabilitation or replacement of the culvert beneath the roadway, and asphalt resurfacing.

Why: The culvert has reached the end of its service life and requires rehabilitation.

When: Construction was scheduled to begin in August 2022 and completion is anticipated by late November 2022.

The following culverts will be rehabilitated and each site includes road lane reductions.

  • Donald B. Munro Drive culvert – 0.01 km south of John Shaw Road (4 week duration)
  • Dunrobin Road culvert – 0.22 km north of Harwood Lane (2 week duration)

The following culverts will be replaced using open-cut construction and each site includes road lane reductions.

  • Richardson Side Road culvert – 0.25 km west of Carp Road (4 week duration)
  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 0.72 km south of Hamilton Side Road (2 week duration)

The following culverts will be replaced and each site includes a road closure with detour (per location) and a signed detour route will be provided.

  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 0.78 km north of Grainger Park Road Drive (2 week duration)
  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 1.5 km north of Grainger Park Road Drive (2 week duration)

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained the contractor, Goldie Mohr Ltd., to complete the work.

For information about road renewal work, please visit ottawa.ca/constructionmap.

Ward 5 & City-wide Events

Youth ages 12 to 17 are welcome to join The Zone at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay every Tuesday from 5 to 8 pm. For details and to register, please click here


The Carp Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday until Octoberfrom 8 am to 1 pm, at the Carp Fairgrounds. 

St. Mary’s in Dunrobin hosts an afternoon community social event featuring bridge and euchre games the first Wednesday of every month from 1 to 4 pm starting Sept. 7. The dates are Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2 and Dec. 7. The cost is $10 per person including refreshments. Reservations are required by emailing terence.hawkes@gmail.com. For details, please click here.

The Bay Waves Square Dancing season resumes Sept. 9 at 7:30 pm at the NorthWind Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive, in Constance Bay. Singles are welcome. For details, email bay.waves@live.ca.



Saint Gabriel’s upcoming bottle drive fundraisers are Sept. 10 and Oct. 15, from 10 am to 12 pm. Drop off your empties at 205 Bayview Drive in Constance Bay. Click here for details.


Carp Commons hosts an AutumnFest Open House to celebrate the autumn season and to honour Grandparent’s Day on Sept. 10 from 1 to 3 pm at 458 Donald B. Munro Drive in Carp.  For details, visit CarpCommonsRetirement.com.


The Carp Fitness Park on Langstaff Drive will be feted in a Re-Launch Celebration and Tradeshow on Sept. 10 from 10 am to noon. The rain date is Sept. 11 from 1 to 3 pm.



The Alfie Currie Memorial Legion Golf Tournament is scheduled for Sept. 17 at the Edgewood Links Golf Course. The registration deadline is Sept. 10. Pick up your registration form at West Carleton Branch 616 of the Royal Canadian Legion, 377 Allbirch Road in Constance Bay. For details, please click here.


The West Carleton Garden Club hosts it’s upcoming meeting in a hybrid format – both in person and virtual on Sept. 13 from 7 to 9:30 pm at the Carp Memorial Hall, 3739 Carp Road in Carp. To register for the Zoom session, please email presentation@wcgc.ca by Sept. 12. Scott Hortop will discuss Climate-Carbon-Compost and the Fall Flower Show. For details, please visit wcgc.ca.



The Kiwanis Club of Kanata-Stittsville invites kids and youth to submit video auditions by Sept. 16 for the club’s Live Kids for Kids Talent Showcase. Learn more here.




Firefighters with Station 63 in Constance Bay host a BBQ, car wash, auction and games in support of West Carleton Disaster Relief on Sept. 17, from 11 am to 3 pm, at 341 Bayview Drive. For details, please click here.



The Constance Bay Community Market‘s season continues at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay on Sept. 17, Oct. 8, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3. Visit marketinthebay.com for details.


The 12th annual West Carleton Terry Fox Run is scheduled for Sept. 18, 9:30 to 2 pm, at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay. Click here for details.

The Carp Fair returns Sept. 22 to 25, 2022. Pick up your copy of the prize book at the Carp Fair Office and enter online at carpfair.ca by Sept. 19.

The deadline to register to participate in the City’s Fall Cleaning the Capital Campaign is Sept. 30. Learn more here.

The Ottawa Centre Branch of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada hosts its next free public Stargazing event in the parking lot of the Carp Library branch on Sept. 30. The event will begin after dark. Stay tuned for details. The rain date will be Oct. 1.

The Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association hosts a Comedy Night and Karaoke at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay on Oct. 1Doors open at 6:30 pm. For details and tickets please click here

The West Carleton Arts Society hosts its signature “Expressions of Art” exhibition and sale at the Carp Agricultural Hall, located at the Carp Fairgrounds, Oct. 7 to 9. Entry to the show is free and there is plenty of free parking available.

The Great Galetta Garage Sale is scheduled for Oct. 22 to 25. Volunteers and donated items are needed. Visit galetta.info for details.

The Rural Root Theatre Company presents A Red Plaid Shirt this November at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay. Stay tuned for scheduling information

The CHEO Foundation hosts a 24hr Tremblant 2022 winter sport event and fundraiser Dec. 9 to 11Click here for details.

For event details, please visit my website. To submit an event, please email Ward5@Ottawa.ca.

Ottawa Public Health News

Statement issued on Sept. 1, 2022 by Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa Medical Officer of Health

The Statement includes information on:

  • Booster Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Aged 5 to 11
  • Changes to Provincial COVID-19 Isolation Guidance
  • Return to School
  • General COVID-19 Vaccination for Children and Youth

COVID-19 Snapshot for Sept. 1, 2022:

  • Wastewater virus levels are high and decreasing.
  • Testing per cent positivity is moderate and decreasing.
  • New COVID-19 hospitalizations are moderate and decreasing.
  • New confirmed outbreaks are moderate and remain relatively unchanged since the last update.
  • The overall levels of COVID-19 in our community are still higher than we’d like to see.
  • OPH strongly recommends wearing masks indoors and in crowded settings.
  • For more details, please click here.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Residents can book an appointment at an Ottawa Public Health community clinic through the Provincial COVID-19 Vaccination Portal or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900. Appointments are strongly recommended as drop-in capacity is limited.

The nearest community clinic for West Carleton-March residents is at the Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Charlie Rogers Place. 

      • NOTE:  First day of clinic is Sept. 13, 2022
      • Tuesday to Thursday: 12:45 pm to 7:10
      • Friday and Saturday: 9:45 am to 4:10 pm

For details on Vaccine Information and Appointment Booking please click here.

Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day


This is a day for us all to create hope through action. Download the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention’s toolkit and register for this year’s free, virtual event at 12 pm EST where speakers will share their stories. Register here.

West Nile Virus Detected in Ottawa


Mosquito trapping and testing — components of Ottawa Public Health’s West Nile virus (WNV) program — have confirmed the first positive mosquito pools by lab result, OPH announced Sept. 2. Two mosquito testing pools indicate WNV is present in Ottawa; these are the first positive testing pools since the annual monitoring season began June 1, 2022.  For details, please click here. Mosquitoes are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn. Take extra care to use insect repellent and wear protective clothing during that time. More tips to protect yourself can be found here

City of Ottawa News, Programming & Engagements

Nominations are open for the 2022 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards

Group shot of the winners of the 2019 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards holding their trophies.

If you know an immigrant to Canada who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and deserves recognition for their contributions to the Ottawa economy, nominate them for the 2022 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards. The City is now accepting nominations online until Friday, Oct. 7. Nominate a friend, colleague, client, employee or employer who deserves to be celebrated for their contributions. Click here for more information.

City of Ottawa Launches Hello Vélo bike rack program

As part of the City of Ottawa’s Public Bike Parking Strategy, a new initiative was recently launched to offer high-quality, low-cost bicycle racks to eligible businesses, non-profits, schools and multi-unit residential properties. To request a new bike rack, please visit ottawa.ca/helloveloprogram. Racks are available while supplies last.

The period to apply to vote by mail and verify or update your information on the Voters’ List is now open

Click here to learn more about:

  • Voter notification letters and the Voters’ List
  • Applying to vote by special mail-in ballot  
  • Voting in person

Making construction sites accessible for all

A trailer with red and amber signal lights and a gate arm, marked with red stripes and a flag attached to the end of it, which can move up and down.
The City’s construction contracts include accessibility requirements for construction sites as per the Accessibility Design Standards. Every year, the City assesses many construction sites as an important tool to verify that requirements are met and the sites always remain accessible for residents. Click here for more details.
OC Transpo fall service began Sept. 4

Image - Fall service change

OC Transpo fall service changes took effect on Sept. 4. These include service improvements, seasonal changes and the return of school service. Before heading out, use the Travel Planner on octranspo.com to plan your trip. Click here for more information.

Back to reading, writing, math – and road safety

A child in a blue hat is pressing a pedestrian signal button.
Today, Sept. 6, marks the start of a new school year for many more children and youth across Ottawa. Click here to brush up on your road safety skills.

Fall Cleaning the Capital Campaign

A graphic with various shades of green and yellow with pictograms of trees, benches and a street lamp in the foreground. Written in dark green text is Cleaning the Capital.

Register for the fall Cleaning the Capital campaign, open now until Sept. 30bit.ly/3w5kyND With approximately 24,000 kilograms of waste collected in the spring campaign, your participation goes a long way!

Ottawa Public Library Facilities Planning Consultation – Virtual Open House on August 23


Have your say to help shape decisions on facilities planning. Until Sept 15, the Library is conducting a public consultation to confirm that the draft Facilities Framework reflects the needs of the Ottawa community. The Library invites Ottawa residents to share their thoughts and views on access to Library branch services by completing a survey available in English and French, online and in branches.

Ottawa Police Service News

Back to School Road Safety

ImageChildren are now back in school, and many are busing, walking and riding their bikes to their destinations for the first time in several weeks. 

The Ottawa Police Service reminds motorists to be aware of the increase of children and youth on city streets.  As school begins, please consider the following safety tips:

  • Reduce speeds in school zones and be ready to stop at any time. Children do not always notice oncoming traffic;
  • Obey school bus signals;
  • Watch for pedestrian crossovers, know how they work and obey them when in use;
  • Walk on available sidewalks;
  • Always cross at intersections, looking and listening for traffic and walk across only when road is clear and safe to do so;
  • Follow adult crossing guards, student crossing patrols and school bus operator’s signals; and,
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a bike and walk your bike across a roadway.

Drivers are responsible for stopping in both directions, if on a road without a median, when they see a school bus stopped with its lights flashing. Fines for not obeying this law range from $400 to $2,000 and six demerit points.

For more safety tips, please visit Back to School Safety.

Municipal Election Conduct

The Ottawa Police Service is issuing a reminder that the municipal election process should be fully respected and that criminal harassment of candidates, election sign damage and hate-based crimes will not be tolerated. The first day an election sign can be placed on private or public property is Friday, September 9, 2022. For details, please click here. If you see anyone tampering with municipal election signs, please call the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222.

If you are the owner of a sign that is damaged, you can report incidents after the fact online or through the Police Reporting Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 7300

City Council & Committee News

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee – Sept. 1, 2022

  • The Sept. 1 ARAC meeting, which I chaired, included a series of four zoning amendments to address conditions of severance imposed by the Committee of Adjustment. The goal of such amendments is ultimately to retain and protect the bulk of agricultural lands for continued farming uses on properties where a severance has been granted for a portion of the site – usually to allow for a small residential use. These efforts to limit negative impacts on Ottawa’s agricultural lands are important. Our rural area makes up 80 per cent of the city, and protecting those resources is critical to our region’s food security. The cumulative effect of adopting the types of zoning reports we approved at this meeting is to keep as much farmland as possible in active production, offering greater certainty for farmers and food security for residents.
  • The Committee also approved a recommendation to ensure building permit fees in Vars are assessed at the appropriate level. The motion directs Building Code Services to cease collecting the Vars Water Fee when issuing permits in the Village of Vars.
  • The Committee also reversed a staff recommendation to dismiss a development charge complaint.
  • The meeting can be viewed on Youtube.

City Council – August 31, 2022

  • City Council approved regulations to help increase parkland across Ottawa. The new Parkland Dedication By-law delivers increased parkland from developments with greater density to better meet the population growth projected in the new Official Plan. 
  • Council approved a new policy and by-law to implement a citywide Community Benefits Charge – a new tool that replaces Section 37 under the provincial Planning Act to help municipalities pay for community projects through higher density developments. The charge is consistent with the City’s approach to make growth pay for growth and to lessen the burden on taxpayers. 
  • For more details, please click here. This meeting can be viewed on Youtube.

Planning Committee – August 25, 2022

  • The City’s Planning Committee received the annual development report for 2021 indicating that Ottawa’s economy is continuing to grow. Ottawa’s employment improved as the number of employed residents increased by 5.7 per cent, returning to near pre-pandemic levels. While housing affordability remains a concern, there are positive signs of increasing supply. The number of rental row and apartment units increased in 2021, and among completed apartment developments, 70 per cent (nearly 7,500 apartments) were for rental rather than ownership. There were also more than 9,400 new housing starts in 2021, an increase of 1.8 per cent over the previous year and the most starts in a single year since 2001.
  • The Province recently adopted legislation that allows municipalities to require that developers contribute funding for community projects for residential and mixed-use developments. The Committee approved a new policy and by-law to implement a citywide community benefits charge – a new tool under the provincial Planning Act to help municipalities pay for higher density in communities with new developments. 
  • A couple of larger developments in Kanata are closer to construction, including a new residential tower on March Road, to be integrated with the Brookstreet Hotel. 
  • Also in Kanata, the Committee approved a proposal from Nokia Canada to relocate their existing office complex on Terry Fox Drive to the southern end of the site and to redevelop the remaining lands. 
  • The Committee also approved Official Plan and zoning amendments to permit a 29-storey residential high-rise and a 27-storey mixed-use building southwest of the Bank Street and Riverside Drive North
  • Recommendations from this meeting rose to Council on August 31. The Planning Committee meeting of August 25 can be viewed on Youtube in Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

Upcoming Committee and Council Meetings
The next Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for Sept. 8 at 9:30 am.
The next French Language Services Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet on Sept. 8 at 6:30 pm.
The next Audit Committee, of which I am a member, is scheduled to meet on Sept. 12 at 9:30 am.
The Ottawa Public Health Board, of which I am a member, is scheduled to meet next on Sept. 13 at 5 pm.

To view the full list of upcoming Council and Committee meetings and to review the meeting agendas, please click here.
To watch the meetings live, please click here.

Connect with Your Councillor!


My team and I continue to respond to your City-related needs. We are available to answer your questions and connect you with the services, resources, information and supports you need. Please let us know how we can help.

Email me at eli.el-chantiry@ottawa.ca or leave us a voicemail at 613-580-2424 ext. 32246.

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