El-Chantiry: Ward 5 bi-weekly news for Oct. 10

The Councillor's Column

Congratulations to Neil Falls of Carp!

Photo by Chris Bricker/City of Ottawa

I was very proud to join Mayor Jim Watson in presenting lifelong Carp resident Neil Falls with the Mayor’s City Builder Award at the start of our Oct. 5 Council meeting at City Hall.

The councillor column header.

Many of you know Neil or know of him given his many years of community service in West Carleton-March. Neil is an integral part of Carp’s volunteer landscape. He was the 2021 President of Agriculture for the Carp Agricultural Society, and one of the 2022 Agriculture and Homecraft Directors on the Carp Fair team where he has been a board member since 2010.

Neil moved through all of the director positions – a 13-year volunteering commitment – before becoming president last year during a very challenging time for the fair following the cancellation due to the pandemic. Neil has championed or been a part of most major projects in Carp, including the Carp Cenotaph and the Light Up the Village festival campaign.

He is also the Chair of the Safety Committee of the National Capital Heavy Construction Association and has been the voice and expert resource for safety to the industry and to the municipal government. He has been a board member of the Carp Village BIA since 2014 and he has worked on numerous community improvements and networking initiatives. Neil, you are very deserving of this award. Congratulations! Thank you for your commitment to our community!

Ottawa Fire Services – Station 45 promotion

Congratulations to Lars Horner who was promoted to Captain at Station 45, located on Cameron Harvey Drive in West Carleton-March. Captain Horner received his captain’s helmet from Chief Paul Hutt on Sept. 28. Congratulations on your promotion, Captain Horner!

Election Information
Upcoming West Carleton-March Councillor Candidates’ Debate

The Huntley Community Association is hosting a Ward 5 Councillor candidates’ debate on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 7 pm at the Carp Agricultural Hall at the Carp Fairgrounds. The HCA will be taking questions for consideration in advance by email at debate@hca-carp.ca and at the door. If time permits, questions may be taken from the floor. NOTE: Those attending this event are asked to wear masks. Donations to offset the cost of staging the debate will be accepted at the door.


Advance Vote Days

Advance Voting Days take place on Friday, Oct. 7 and Friday, Oct. 14. On these days, electors can vote at their assigned voting place. Voting places are open from 10 am to 8 pm with the exception of long-term care centres and retirement homes which may have reduced hours.

Voting Day

Voting Day is Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. On this day, you can vote in your ward at your assigned voting place from 10 am to 8 pm, with the exception of long-term care centres and retirement homes which may have reduced hours.

Voting Locations

Electors can verify when and where they can vote on their voter notification letter or by using the Where Do I Vote? tool on ottawa.ca/vote.

Mayoral, Councillor and School Board Trustee Candidates and Registered Third Party Advertisers

For the list of certified Mayoral, Councillor and School Board Trustee candidates in the City of Ottawa as well as Registered Third Party Advertisers, please click here.

Proposed Changes to the Federal Electoral District Boundaries

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, I published a Special Edition Ward 5 Newsletter focusing on the proposed redistribution changes for Canada’s federal electoral district boundaries. If the proposed redistribution of the districts is approved, West Carleton-March Ward 5 would be represented at the federal level by three different Members of Parliament instead of one. West Carleton-March Ward 5 is currently part of the Kanata-Carleton riding represented by Kanata-Carleton MP Jenna Sudds. There are a number of public hearings planned this month, which Ottawa residents can attend – in person and virtually. The deadline to submit written submissions to the Ontario Commission regarding the proposed changes is Oct. 29, 2022Learn more about the proposed changes here.

Outside the Lines – The Music Industry in Ottawa’s Rural Wards

Ottawa is one of the largest and most geographically diverse mid-size cities in Canada, if not North America. Home to more than one million residents, Ottawa is the second-largest city in Ontario and the sixth-largest city in Canada. Yet, more than 80% of Ottawa’s land area can be considered rural land. This creates a unique challenge when it comes to designing creative and cultural industry policies. Like with the population of Ottawa, our local creative and cultural industries tend to be concentrated in the urban centre and Ottawa’s urban neighbourhoods, with a smaller presence in suburban areas and even less presence in our rural communities. However, music and culture remain central to rural life. They provide communities the opportunity to come together, offer young people important outlets to work out their identity and help communicate the story of rural life to those who live in other parts of the country (or city) helping bridge the urban/rural divide.
Outside the Lines is a first step in helping us understand the rural music landscape in Ottawa and serves as an important precursor to the broader creative and cultural industries scan that will take place in 2023. Written by Torie Wotton, a 4th year political economy student from the University of Ottawa who collaborated with CDI through the Centre on Governance’s Directed Research Program, this report looks at the opportunities and challenges faced by those living, working and operating venues in Ottawa’s rural wards. This report will be released in English and French on Ottawa.ca in the near future. For more information, please contact our Cultural Industries Development Officer, Nik Ives-Allison (nik.allison@ottawa.ca)

Your Councillor in the Community
Ottawa Fire Services Helmet Presentation

Ottawa Fire Chief Paul Hutt, Deputy Fire Chief Todd Horricks and Ottawa Fire Services’ Rural Sector Chiefs, including District 6 Sector Chief Bill Bell, presented me with an Ottawa Fire Services helmet on Sept. 28 in appreciation of my many years of unwavering support for Ottawa Fire Services and its members. Thank you to Ottawa Fire Services for your gift. It means so much to me. And thank you to all of the members of Ottawa Fire Services for your dedication to our community. 

Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ 45th Annual Memorial Service

In my role as Chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, I joined board member Salim Fakirani and Krista Ferraro, executive director of the board, for the annual Police and Peace Officers’ 45th Annual Memorial Service on Parliament Hill on Sept. 25. Thousands of police and peace officers were in attendance.

The 159th Carp Fair

This year’s Carp Fair, held Sept. 22 to 25, was incredible, including the weather. Saturday was a big draw and the exhibits, midway, food vendors, entertainment, horse and 4-H shows attracted large crowds. I saw many, many familiar faces during the parade and opening ceremonies. Thank you to Mayor Jim Watson for joining me during what was my last Carp Fair as the Councillor for West Carleton-March. It was also Mayor Watson’s last Carp Fair as Ottawa’s Mayor. Sunday was equally as spectacular. Just as it is every year, the Carp Agricultural Society’s dedicated volunteer directors and hundreds of supporting volunteers put on a wonderful agricultural showcase that we in West Carleton-March are so proud of. Congratulations on another very successful fair!

Volunteering in the Huntley Community Association’s Burger Booth at the Carp Fair

Thank you to the Huntley Community Association for inviting me to volunteer in their Burger Booth at the Carp Fair the evening of Sept. 23. Thank you to the association’s volunteers for the work you do providing this tasty service. 100 per cent of proceeds generated from the Burger Booth at the Carp Fair support the association’s community-building efforts.

Carp Fair Homecoming

Thank you to everyone at the Carp Agricultural Society for your kindness during the Carp Fair Homecoming celebration on Sept. 22, including Agriculture President Brent Palsson and Homecraft President Krista Jefferies and all of the many volunteers. Thank you to the Society for presenting me with such a special plaque and for the honour of inviting me to help cut the ribbon, signalling the opening of the 159th Carp Fair. It was truly a special night.

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie

Of course, I couldn’t buy just one Tim Hortons Smile Cookie on Sept. 22. I bought two – one for me and one for Maha. The purchase of a Smile Cookie the week of Sept. 19 to 25 supports local charities and community groups, such as the Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa.

Ward 5 Development Applications, Road Works and Culvert Projects
Development Applications

Recently updated development applications can be reviewed at this link: Ward 5 – West Carleton-March. The City of Ottawa’s Development Application Search Tool is also available by clicking here.

Carp Road Widening Project

The Carp Road Widening project between Richardson Side Road and Highway 417 was scheduled to begin Oct. 3, 2022. The project is being done by Tomlinson on behalf of Waste Management (WM). The widening includes a left turn lane into the Waste Management (WM) site. This is not a City-led project. Please watch for signs and flaggers.

Sidewalk Renewal – Langstaff Drive in Carp

This project will involve the replacement of damaged concrete sidewalk panels on Langstaff Drive, between Donald B. Munro Drive and Juanita Avenue. It is is expected to be completed by mid-July 2023. The start date is not yet confirmed. 

Culvert Improvements: Highway 417, from 2.1 km east of Campbell Drive to the Highway 7/417 Interchange

Thomas Cavanagh Construction has been retained by the Ministry of Transportation to perform construction work on Highway 417 from 2.1 km east of Campbell Drive to the Highway 7/417 Interchange. A culvert replacement and the asphalt resurfacing of ramp are scheduled to continue until Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, at the following location:

• Highway 417 / March Road S-E Ramp (March Road northbound on-ramp to Highway 417 EB)

Every precaution will be made to minimize interruptions; however, this ramp closure is required to complete the work. Construction signs will be placed in advance of any on-going work to provide notice to drivers. Please visit Ontario 511 Traveler Information Services website to access the Interactive Map showing construction work and delays on ministry highways at: www.mto.gov.on.ca.

March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrades – October 2022 Update

All lanes on March Road have now been reopened. The following operations are anticipated to be ongoing over the coming month:

  • Continuation of the trenchless work on Shirley’s Brook Drive from Inverary Drive to March Road. 
  • Several sections of asphalt reinstatement along the edge of March Road in the rural section (north of Halton Terrace/Maxwell Bridge) will be completed over the next month. Work is anticipated to be done in off-peak hours with localized lane narrowing as required.
  • Landscaping touch-ups and ditch re-seeding will be completed in the upcoming weeks with localized lane or shoulder closures as required to facilitate the works.
  • Shirley’s Brook Park grading is being completed this week with landscaping reinstatements anticipated to be completed in the upcoming weeks.

The following general impacts are anticipated due to this work: 

  • Significant groundwater is continuing to be encountered on Inverary Drive which has necessitated operating pumps 24hrs a day. Pumping is required on Shirley’s Brook Drive until the completion of the trenchless works.
  • Most of the trenchless work on Shirley’s Brook Drive between March Road and Inverary Drive is has been completed. However there is remedial work to be completed over the next month.
  • The contractor has requested to use blasting for the completion of the trenchless sewer work on Shirley’s Brook Drive. Blasting is expected to start Tuesday, October 3, 2022.
  • The Sandhill Road sidewalk and pathways through and around Shirley’s Brook Park have been substantially reinstated. The remaining section between the park and Inverary Drive has been temporarily reinstated until the trenchless work is completed.

Travel lanes on March Road have been fully reinstated.

  • Intermittent and localized lane shifts during working hours will be required in the rural section of March Road (north of Maxwell Bridge) and March Road southbound (Morgan’s Grant to Maxwell Bridge/Halton Terrace).
  • Westbound Shirley’s Brook Drive is reduced to one lane at the March Road intersection.
  • Lane narrowing along Shirley’s Brook Drive, McKinley Drive to March Road, with intermittent flagging during working hours for Inverary Drive.

The substantial completion date is projected to be November 2022, with final asphalt reinstatements on Shirley’s Brook Drive to be completed in Spring 2023.

Renewal of Small Culverts
  • McGee Side Road culvert at approximately 0.05 km east of Diamondview Road. UPDATEProject completed.
  • Panmure Road culvert at approximately 0.01 km west of Stonewalk Way. UPDATEProject completed.
  • Sixth Line Road culvert at approximately 0.20 km north of Pinhey’s Point Road. UPDATELane reductions and flagging on Sixth Line Road between Berry Side Road and Thomas A. Dolan Parkway were expected to remain in effect until Oct. 6. The roadway remains open to vehicles.
  • 2 culverts – Loggers Way culvert at approximately 0.38 km north of Kinburn Side Road and a Loggers Way culvert at approximately 1.00 km north of Kinburn Side Road. UPDATELoggers Way from Yucks Lane to Kinburn Side Road is closed until Oct. 14. A signed detour is in effect.
  • Carp Road culvert at approximately 0.20 km south of Baird Side Road. UPDATE: Lane reductions and flagging will be in place along Carp Road from Thomas A. Dolan Parkway and Baird Side Road from Oct. 11 to 14. The roadway will remain open to vehicles.
  • Baird Side Road culvert at approximately 0.01 km west of Carp Road. UPDATE: Baird Side Road from Diamondview Road to Carp Road will be closed from Oct. 17 to 21. A signed detour will be in effect.
  • Carp Road culvert at approximately 0.90 km south of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway. UPDATELane reductions and flagging will be in place on Carp Road from Craig Side Road and Thomas A. Dolan Parkway from Oct. 19 to 21. The roadway will remain open to vehicles.
  • Dunrobin Road culvert at approximately 1 km north of Porcupine TrailUPDATELane reductions and flagging will be in place on Dunrobin Road from Porcupine Trail to Vances Side Road from Nov. 2 to 4. The roadway will remain open to vehicles.
  • Moran Street culvert. UPDATEMoran Street from Bathurst Street to Cameron Harvey Drive will be closed Oct. 31 to Nov. 2. A signed detour will be in place.
Renewal of Medium Culverts 

What: Work will involve rehabilitation or replacement of the culvert beneath the roadway, and asphalt resurfacing.

Why: The culvert has reached the end of its service life and requires rehabilitation.

When: Construction was scheduled to begin in August 2022 and completion is anticipated by late November 2022.

The following culverts will be rehabilitated and each site includes road lane reductions.

  • Donald B. Munro Drive culvert – 0.01 km south of John Shaw Road (4 week duration)
  • Dunrobin Road culvert – 0.22 km north of Harwood Lane (2 week duration)

The following culverts will be replaced using open-cut construction and each site includes road lane reductions.

  • Richardson Side Road culvert – 0.25 km west of Carp Road (4 week duration)
  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 0.72 km south of Hamilton Side Road (2 week duration)

The following culverts will be replaced and each site includes a road closure with detour (per location) and a signed detour route will be provided.

  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 0.78 km north of Grainger Park Road Drive (2 week duration)
  • Upper Dwyer Hill Road culvert – 1.5 km north of Grainger Park Road Drive (2 week duration)

Who: The City of Ottawa has retained the contractor, Goldie Mohr Ltd., to complete the work.

For information about road renewal work, please visit ottawa.ca/constructionmap.

Ward 5 & City-wide Events

Youth ages 12 to 17 are welcome to join The Zone at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay every Tuesday from 5 to 8 pm. For details and to register, please click here


ImageThe Goulbourn Male Chorus, which practises every Tuesday evening at 7 pm in West Carleton-March at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1817 Richardson Side Road, is looking for new members. Visit goulbournmalechorus.com for details or to enquire. 

The current Bay Waves Square Dancing season continues until April 21, 2023. Come by the NorthWind Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive, in Constance Bay every Friday evening at 7:30 pm to join in the fun. Singles are welcome. For details, email bay.waves@live.ca.


The Carp Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday until the end of Octoberfrom 8 am to 1 pm, at the Carp Fairgrounds. There will be a Halloween Market on Oct. 29. Kids who come dressed in their Halloween costumes will be able to trick-or-treat from booth to booth. 

There will be “A Knock at the Door” interactive theatre experiences at Pinhey’s Point Historic Site in Dunrobin the evening of Oct. 7 and 8. Advance registration is required to participate. Please click here for details.



The West Carleton Arts Society hosts its signature “Expressions of Art” exhibition and sale at the Carp Agricultural Hall, located at the Carp Fairgrounds, Oct. 7 to 9. Entry to the show is free and there is plenty of free parking available.

The Constance Bay Community Market‘s season continues at the NorthWind Community Centre, 262 Len Purcell Drive in Constance Bay, on Oct. 8, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3, from 9 am to 1 pm. 
Visit marketinthebay.com for details.

Join Friends of the Carp Hills for a family-friendly guided nature tour of Hidden Lake Park in Carp on Oct. 8 from 1:30 to 3 pm. Details: carphills.com

ImageThe deadline for registering for 9runrun 2022 is Oct. 9! Run in support of the Ottawa First Responders Foundation this year by participating in the 2K, 5K or 10K the morning of Oct. 15 in Stittsville! Register here: 9runrun.ca 9RunRun is a fall running experience in support of Ottawa’s fire, police and paramedic services through the Ottawa First Responders Foundation. 

The West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association invites you to its Annual General Meeting on Oct. 11 at 7 pm at the Kinburn Community Centre. New board members and volunteers are welcome. Details: facebook.com/wcsta

The West Carleton Garden Club and Horticultural Society hosts its next hybrid presentation on Oct. 11 featuring “Winter Planters” with Master Gardener Catherine Disley. The meeting takes place in person at the Carp Memorial Hall at 7 pm and on Zoom. There will also be a perennial and seed exchange at 6:30 pm. To attend the meeting on Zoom, please register by emailing presentation@wcgc.ca. Click here for details.

The Huntley Community Association hosts a West Carleton-March Councillor candidates’ debate at the Carp Agricultural Hall on Oct. 12 at 7 pm. For details or to contact the association, please click here.

Visit the Diefenbunker Museum’s 2022 Artist-in-Residence exhibition, “Justin Case: The Enemy Within,” by Ottawa artist Christos Pantieras. The exhibition, which explores the LGBT purge, opens Oct. 14 and continues until Feb. 15, 2023. Admission to the exhibition is included with general admission to the museum. Details: diefenbunker.ca/artist-in-residence

Saint Gabriel’s upcoming bottle drive fundraisers are Oct. 15, Nov. 12 and Dec. 10, from 10 am to 12 pm. Drop off your empties at 205 Bayview Drive in Constance Bay. Click here for details.



A duck race will take place in support of Dravet Canada on Oct. 15 at 12 pm at 3753 Carroll Side Road. Adopt a duck for $20. All are welcome. Wear your rubber boots. Bring a chair. Tickets are now available. Click here for details.

It’s that time of year again! The Red Trillium Studio Tour takes place Oct. 22 and 23, from 10 am to 4 pm each day. Discover the beauty of rural West Ottawa and some very talented artists. For details, please click here.

The Great Galetta Garage Sale is scheduled for Oct. 22 to 25. The schedule is Oct. 22 from 8 am to 1 pm, Oct. 23, from noon to 2 pm, Oct. 24 from 6 to 7 pm and Oct. 25 from 9 am to noon. Visit galetta.info/our-association for details. 

The Kinburn Community Association hosts a Halloween Party on Oct. 29 at 4 pm at the Kinburn Community Centre, featuring food, trunk or treat, dancing, games, activities and prizes! Volunteers and donated items are welcome. For details and to contact the association, please visit the Kinburn Community Association on Facebook.


The Fitzroy Harbour Community Association is hosting a Halloween Party at the Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre on Oct. 29 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. There will be crafts, games, entertainment, snacks, a raffle table and a haunted house! For details, please click here.


St. Mary’s in Dunrobin hosts an afternoon community social event featuring bridge and euchre games the first Wednesday of every month from 1 to 4 pm. The next dates are Nov. 2 and Dec. 7. The cost is $10 per person including refreshments. Reservations are required by emailing terence.hawkes@gmail.com. For details, please click here.

After farming in Kinburn for almost 100 years, the Yuck family has sold their dairy farm and are having a large farm machinery and household auction on Nov. 5, beginning at 10 am. The sale will take place at the farmstead located at 328 Yucks Lane in Kinburn. Rain, shine, or snow! Click here for details.


The Rural Root Theatre Company presents A Red Plaid Shirt Nov. 6 and Nov. 8 to 12 at the NorthWind Community Centre in Constance Bay. Tickets can be purchased at ticketsplease.ca or by calling 613-485-643. The box office opens Oct. 8.



The Kinburn Community Association presents its 40th Annual Kinburn Christmas Craft & Gift Sale on Nov. 12 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Kinburn Community Centre, 3045 Kinburn Side Road. Details: kinburn.ca.


There will be a two-day Carp Farmers’ Christmas Market on Dec. 2 from 3 to 8 pm, and Dec. 3 from 8 am to 2 pm at the Carp Fairgrounds. 



The CHEO Foundation hosts a 24hr Tremblant 2022 winter sport event and fundraiser Dec. 9 to 11Click here for details.

For event details, please visit my website. To submit an event, please email Ward5@Ottawa.ca.

Ottawa Public Health News

COVID-19 Snapshot for Oct. 6, 2022:

  • We are now in a new wave of COVID-19.
  • If you are feeling sick, stay home. Isolate until you have no fever and your symptoms have been improving for at least 24 hours. After isolating, continue to wear a mask in public for 10 days.
Thanksgiving events

Use your layers! Wearing a mask continues to be encouraged in indoor settings when physical distancing is limited. Wearing a mask helps to protect those who remain at higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19. OttawaPublicHealth.ca/RiskReduction

Monitoring Indicators
  • Wastewater virus detection levels are high and remain relatively unchanged since the last update. 
  • Per cent positivity is high and increasing.
  • New COVID-19 hospitalizations are moderate and remain relatively unchanged since the last update.
  • New confirmed outbreaks are moderate and remain relatively unchanged since the last update.
COVID-19 Bivalent Booster Vaccine
  • The bivalent mRNA COVID-19 booster is a safe and effective way to protect yourself against COVID-19 and its variants. Bivalent COVID-19 booster appointments are now available to the highest risk populations and to all Ontarians aged 18 and over, regardless of how many booster doses you have received. Click here for details.
  • Residents can book an appointment at an Ottawa Public Health community clinic through the Provincial COVID-19 Vaccination Portal or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900
    • The nearest community clinic for West Carleton-March residents is at the Kanata Recreation Complex, 100 Charlie Rogers Place. 
      • Tuesday to Thursday: 12:45 to 7:10 pm
      • Friday and Saturday: 9:45 am to 4:10 pm
  • Please visit OttawaPublicHealth.ca/NewBivalent for updated bivalent booster FAQs, including when to schedule your booster.
Increase in suspected overdoses in Ottawa

Ottawa Public Health, the Ottawa Police Service and the Ottawa Paramedic Service are issuing an alert to warn residents about an increase in suspected overdose-related activity in Ottawa.

Based on initial findings, it is suspected that cocaine and crack cocaine mixed/cut with fentanyl are a contributing factor.  

Illicit fentanyl is extremely toxic and increases the risk of overdose and overdose related death. It can be mixed with other drugs such as heroin and cocaine and it is also being found in unregulated pills that are made to look like other prescription pills. When you are getting drugs anywhere other than a pharmacy or medical professional, like from a friend, ordering online, or a dealer, there is no way to be sure exactly what is in them or how toxic they may be.

For the full statement and more information, please visit Ottawa.ca.

Mental health and substance use health services

1Call1Click_ca is available to help children, youth and families connect with the right mental-health and substance-use health services and care when they need it. Reach out here: 1call1click.ca/en/index.aspx

City of Ottawa News, Programming & Engagements
Thanksgiving Schedule Changes

The City of Ottawa would like to remind residents of the following schedule changes and impacts to City services for the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday, Oct. 10. Please click here for details.

The City’s Trick or Swim or Skate Tickets are Back!

What is Trick or Swim or Skate? It is a fun and healthy alternative to the usual chips and chocolate. For only $10, you can get 10 tickets that can be handed out to kids, between the ages of three and 15, to redeem for a regularly scheduled public swim or skate session at City pools and select arenas. Tickets can be redeemed between Nov. 1, 2022 and Jan, 31, 2023. Be sure to check that your facility is participating first. Tickets are now on sale. Click here for details.

City unveils new swimming lesson program for 2023 & New recreation registration system comin

The City of Ottawa’s new swimming lesson program starts in January 2023. With the Red Cross phasing out swimming lesson programs as part of their services, the City’s Recreation, Cultural, and Facilities Services department designed its own program that includes four streams. For details, please click hereThe launch of Swim City coincides with the launch of the new registration system for recreation and cultural programs later this fall on ottawa.ca/recreation. The new system is a more modern client experience and clients can search for an activity – like swimming lessons – and filter by location, age group, and level. Stay tuned for the specific dates when activities go live online, along with the registration dates. If you have an account in our current registration system, please sign on and ensure your information is up to date.

October is Library Month

webcard for library month

  • Welcome to October  ̶ and Library Month! OPL has fun and thought-provoking activities lined up in all of Ottawa Public Library’s 33 branches and online
  • This October, Ottawa Public Library will be highlighting its important role in countering misinformation and disinformation and to support information literacy skills. OPL’s theme this year is a reminder and call to action: “Read between the lines!” Given the sheer volume of mis- and disinformation in a world characterized by “fake news” and information overload, libraries can help customers of all ages become more information savvy, to think critically and upgrade their skills for seeking, finding and interpreting information.  
  • During Library Month you could win a limited-edition “thinking cap” emblazoned with the “Read between the lines!” message.
  • An additional bonus during Library Month, any new customer to sign up for a library card will receive their choice of a locally-made OPL fanny pack or book bag and so will the person who referred them (while supplies last). Remember, Ottawa residents can register online or in person for an OPL library card – always FREE.  
Better Buildings Ottawa Breakfast Series – Morning Event at City Hall Oct. 18

Funding Decarbonization
The City of Ottawa’s Better Buildings Ottawa team is collaborating with Better Buildings Breakfast to bring back a series of in-depth morning events focused on sustainable buildings. The first event, “Funding Decarbonization,” will be held Oct. 18, from 7:30 to 11 am, at City Hall (110 Laurier Ave.) and will take a deep dive into the many financial programs in the market seeking to support deep energy retrofits in commercial and large residential buildings. Learn more about the event and register.

Call for Projects to Improve Ventilation in Local Cultural Venues – Deadline is Nov. 1

Nov. 1
 is the final deadline in 2022 to submit a funding application to the City of Ottawa Cultural Facilities Fund (Major Capital Projects). This funding program is designed to improve local cultural facilities. It provides funding to organizations for pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, major cultural facility renovation, construction, and restoration, and specialized equipment projects.For the Nov. 1 deadline:

  1. Projects aimed at improving ventilation systems in local cultural facilities will be accepted, since the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for HVAC and other ventilation improvements to reduce airborne transmission of the virus in indoor spaces.
  2. All local, not-for-profit Ottawa cultural organizations that have operated for at least one year are eligible to apply.

For more information, please contact Cathy Shepertycki, Co-ordinator, Cultural Development and Initiatives at Cathy.Shepertycki@ottawa.ca.

Nominations are open for the 2023 Ottawa Heritage Awards – Deadline is Nov. 4

The City of Ottawa has many beautiful heritage buildings and it wants to recognize outstanding achievements in heritage conservation! Why not nominate your conservation project for the 2023 Ottawa Heritage Awards? The application period is now open! The deadline for applications is Friday, Nov. 4, 2022. For more information or to nominate a heritage property, visit ottawa.ca. Awards will be presented in January 2023.

New Community Safety and Well-Being Plan Website

Diversity of people in Ottawa doing activities
The City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan team is thrilled to announce the launch of its new CSWB website! The team encourages you to visit their new website frequently to stay informed and get the latest updates on the programs that matter the most to you.

How are we going to deal with contentious commemoration?

History is complicated, and memory even more so. The same event can hold different meanings for different groups, and it isn’t always possible to reconcile them for shared commemoration. The City’s Municipal Commemoration Policy Advisory Group recognizes the complexity of commemoration in a local context and established a working subcommittee on contentious commemoration in August 2021. The subcommittee has been working to develop guiding principles and concrete recommendations for the draft commemoration policy to help ensure that it is able to address disputed and challenging commemorations from a place of respect for Ottawa’s diverse communities and traditions and with equity top of mind. In order to share your input and ideas around contentious commemoration and commemoration in Ottawa more broadly, please visit the team’s engagement microsite “Remembering Ottawa: Stories and Legacies.” Ottawa residents will have the opportunity to see and provide input on the full draft commemoration policy later this year

New Zoning By-law Discussion Papers

New zoning by-law banner
City Council adopted a new Official Plan on October 27, 2021. A new Zoning By-law is needed to implement the new framework of policies and priorities in the new Official Plan. The new By-law represents an opportunity to reset the framework for development in the city and introduce progressive zoning provisions to ensure the city has an efficient, effective and equitable Zoning By-law. Discussion Papers on key issues relating to the new Zoning By-law will be the first opportunity for residents to have their say about the future of zoning in Ottawa. The Discussion Papers will cover a range of topics relating to directions in the new Official Plan:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Climate Change, Resiliency and Public Health
  • Neighbourhood Zoning
  • Neighbourhood Character
  • Land Use
  • Trees
  • Rural Zoning Issues
Timeline Update

The Discussion Papers were intended to be released following approval of the Official Plan to ensure they remain relevant to the policies approved by Council and address any modifications made by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing prior to their approval of the Plan. The deadline for Provincial approval of the Plan was April 2022. However, the deadline was extended by the Province, and to-date, the Plan has not yet been approved by the Ministry.  A revised timeline has not been announced by the Ministry, however approval of the Plan is unlikely to occur until later in the Fall. As a result, the release date of the Discussion Papers has been revised to November 2022 pending approval of the new Official Plan. For further information on the new Zoning By-law project, please visit Engage Ottawa.

The Province’s Bill 109 Implementation

On April 14, 2022, the Province’s Bill 109 received royal assent providing legislative direction to implement the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022. Through Bill 109, the province mandated a series of changes that affect the development application review process including:

  • Site Plan Control application approvals appointed to Staff
  • Removing Council as approval authority for Site Plan Control applications
  • Removes the ability of Cities to refuse Site Plan Control applications
  • Modifying Site Plan Control application timelines to 60 days
  • Reducing Zoning By-law Amendment applications timelines to 90 days
  • Requiring refunds of fees for Site Plan Control and Zoning By-law Amendment applications that don’t meet the timelines as of January 1, 2023
  • Introduces appeal rights to clients related to complete applications
  • Allows the Minister to suspend timelines for approval, and send approval for a new Official Plan to the Ontario Land Tribunal 

The City approved the Bill 109 Implementation Phase 1 Report on July 6 2022. The City implemented a number of key elements of the provincial Bill, and will be taking a phased approach to amending the balance of its procedures and by-laws. The City is on track to have Council consider the Phase 2 report ahead of the January 1, 2023 deadline by which the City must offer refunds for missed timelines. For updates, please consult the Bill 109 Implementation Engage Ottawa page.

The City of Ottawa’s Energy Benchmarking Program


High Performance Development Standard banner
The City of Ottawa recently launched a municipal energy benchmarking program as part of the Better Buildings Ottawa Strategy. Building owners and operators are encouraged to participate in this voluntary program, and in exchange receive free energy insights reports, access to training and discounted thermal energy scans. Learn more about this program and how to participate here.

Secondary Dwellings Guidebook

The new Secondary Dwellings Guidebook has everything you need to know about adding a secondary unit to your home, including information on Building Code and Ottawa specific rules, reducing energy and carbon emissions, and the financial benefits. Adding a secondary suite (such as a granny suite or basement apartment) to your home is a great way to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is because homes that share inside walls generally use less energy per square foot to heat and cool. Housing more people in existing indoor space reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports the goals of efficient use of land as set out in the Official Plan. Adding a self-contained rental apartment to your home provides your family with an additional source of income and provides your community (or a member of your family) with another source of affordable housing.

City celebrates the official completion of the Arts Court Redevelopment project

Officials from the City of Ottawa, the Government of Canada, Arts Court resident partners and private partners recently gathered to celebrate the final completion of the Arts Court Redevelopment project. Formerly the Carleton County Courthouse, Arts Court is now a multi-disciplinary arts facility operating as a collaboration between the City of Ottawa and the Residents Steering Committee comprised of nine resident organizations. In 2015, construction began at the facility to add more space for additional programming and amenities, and to bring it up to current accessibility standards. For details, please click here.

City announces 2022 Ottawa Book Awards finalists

Several books are lined up on a shelf with the spines facing away. One book is open on top with the pages flipping.
Fourteen local finalists have been selected for the 2022 Ottawa Book Awards. This year’s finalists take the reader on a journey through deeply personal poetry, poignant narrative, gripping human drama and immersive biography to explore transformative periods in history and rediscover familiar worlds anew. The awards recognize the top English and French books published in the past year by local authors – exemplifying Ottawa’s rich literary talent. Please click here for the list of finalists.

Emergency Services News
The Ottawa Police Service introduces enhanced Adult Pre-Charge Diversion Program

The Ottawa Police Service is pleased to announce that it is introducing a modernized and enhanced Adult Pre-Charge Diversion Program and strategy that seeks to redirect those charged with minor offences away from the criminal justice system. The goal of the program, aligned with the City’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan, is part of the OPS’ commitment to supporting individuals who would be better served by a social service or public health program. The objective is to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of minor criminal incidents by providing such supports. Click here for more information.

Ottawa Fire Services

Wake Up! Campaign: Ottawa Fire Services knocking on doors

As part of the Ottawa Fire Services’ annual Wake Up! Campaign, firefighters from District 6 in West Carleton-March are visiting homes in high density areas of Ward 5 this week and next week. Firefighters from Corkery’s Station 84, which is part of District 8 fire service operations, visited homes in that area last week. They are checking to ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are present and working, and to provide information on fire safety and home-escape planning. Ontario’s Fire Code requires that homes have a working smoke alarm on each floor and outside each sleeping area. Carbon monoxide alarms are also required outside sleeping areas if the home has an attached garage, a wood stove or a fuel-fired appliance. Firefighters have been visiting homes every spring and fall since the Wake Up program began in 2005, except when public health guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic prevented it.

To learn what is involved in a firefighter home visit, watch the Wake Up video. Visit ottawa.ca/fire for more information on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

City Council & Committee News

City Council meeting – Oct. 5, 2022

Council approved my motion, seconded by Councillor Cathy Curry, to request the City’s Integrity Commissioner review and consider updates to the Code of Conduct for Members of Council to address the issue of personal relationships between Members of Council and staff, including consideration of a requirement for a Member to disclose to the Integrity Commissioner when in a personal relationship with a Member’s staff and implementing any other best practices as may be appropriate in a workplace environment. A report is expected to be presented to City Council during the next term of Council.

In response to the increased number of sightings and 3-1-1 calls about coyotes in urban and suburban areas, Council asked staff to report back to the Community and Protective Services Committee in 2023 to recommend a coyote management strategy.

Council directed staff to explore joining the National Zero Waste Council and adopting a zero-waste vision. By becoming a member, the City could learn from other municipalities, collaborate, share resources and best practices about reducing and eliminating waste.

Council also received the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation 2021 Annual Report.

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting – Sept. 29, 2022

The City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, which I chair, approved zoning amendments that could soon see new residential development west of the Village of Richmond and along Carp Road, north of Huntley

Near Richmond, the approved zoning would permit revisions to an existing plan for a subdivision. 

The proposed development northwest of Carp and Cavanmore roads would allow for the development of 78 residential lots, along with four commercial blocks facing Carp Road. The amendment also aims to protect lands along the Huntley Creek corridor, as well as part of a woodlot on the west side of the property, along William Mooney Drive.

The Committee also endorsed amending a background study related to a watermain project for the Village of Manotick

For more information regarding this meeting, please click here. Recommendations from this meeting went before Council on Oct 5.

Planning Committee meeting – Sept. 22, 2022

The City’s Planning Committee received an update on ongoing work to explore potential City investments in community benefits for LeBreton Flats. The City and the National Capital Commission have confirmed a general layout for a municipal park and community building in the area, which is set to be developed over the coming decades.

Planning for a non-profit child care facility has also continued despite a delay as the City focused on implementing the national child-care system. The Committee will hear more in the next term of Council about resources being committed to affordable housing benefits in LeBreton Flats, as well as about funding strategies for infrastructure and the public realm.

The Committee also approved applications that would facilitate replacing two derelict homes in Sandy Hill. 

A new residential high rise could soon be in development near the future New Orchard LRT station after the Committee approved Official Plan and zoning amendments to permit a 32-storey tower. 

For more details, please click here. Recommendations from this meeting went before Council on Oct. 5.

City Council meeting – Sept. 21, 2022

Council approved a new secondary plan for the Orléans O-Train corridor, now under construction, to guide growth and revitalization around Ottawa’s four easternmost LRT stations and along St. Joseph Boulevard.

Council also approved heritage and zoning applications to permit a 21-storey, mixed-use building at 70 and 74 Nicholas, immediately east of the CF Rideau Centre. 

For more details from this meeting, please click here.

Upcoming Committee and Council Meetings

  • Ottawa Public Library Board meeting – Oct. 11 at 5 pm
  • Planning Committee meeting – Oct. 27 at 9:30 am
  • Ottawa Police Services Board meeting – Oct. 31 at 4 pm
  • Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting – Nov. 1 at 9:30 am
  • Special meeting of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee – Nov. 3 at 10 am
  • Board of Health – Nov. 7 at 5 pm

To view the full list of upcoming Council and Committee meetings and to review the meeting agendas, please click here. To watch the meetings live, please click here.

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