Carp Fair spring fundraisers cancelled

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

CARP – For the second year in a row the Carp Agricultural Society (CAS) has had to cancel two of its major spring fundraisers due to the ongoing pandemic.

The popular and long running Carp Fair Men’s Night and Carp Fair Ladies’ Night, two of West Carleton’s largest spring events, have fallen casualty to COVID-19.

“We sadly have to announce the postponement of ladies and men’s nights to 2022,” the CAS released in a statement today (March 29). “We will have a better update on planned events soon so please stay tuned for more announcements.”

Last year, all of the Carp Fair’s traditional events were wiped out by the pandemic. The story was the same for fairs and social gatherings across the country.

The CAS board has pivoted somewhat doing what it can, like hosting a Carp Fair Irish Stew fundraiser earlier this month, and co-hosting a very successful Carp Stationary Santa Claus Parade over Christmas.

The 2021 Carp Fair presidents spoke with West Carleton Online on Feb. 9 and spoke candidly of the challenge of their term in 2021.

“We don’t have a specific schedule,” Agriculture President Neil Falls told West Carleton Online at the time. “Everyone that spoke was confident we would have a bit of a schedule. We’ve watched our peers in the industry. We have a better idea of what we can do. There are a huge number of challenges. Can people gather? We can’t even get together for this interview. But there are things we can do.”

But, as the COVID-19 vaccine slowly rolls out across the country, there are many traditional things they can’t do at this time, such as host large gatherings.

Both the men’s and ladies’ nights are important fundraisers for the CAS, but also the greater community. At each event, the CAS often picks a worthy cause to share in the funds raised. More than 500 men attended the last men’s night in 2019 and more than 1,000 women attended the last ladies’ night.

“The times have proven to be a challenge but we have learned from last year,” the CAS said today. “We have ideas about what we can safely run for events this year. Unfortunately, we have to alter or remove some traditional programming to better align with safety guidelines. Thank you for your support and patience.”

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