C Bay’s Blyth hosting Ottawa River floods ‘major update’

By Jake Davies - West Carleton Online

CONSTANCE BAY – This Thursday (June 15), Constance Bay’s Gerry Blyth will present what he calls a “major update” to information related to spring flooding in rural west Ottawa.

Blyth, a retired engineer, was front and centre during and following extreme flooding in Constance Bay in 2019.

On Nov. 20, 2019 Blyth hosted a meeting with information he said shows flooding in Constance Bay and the surrounding area was the result of manmade decisions and not climate change. At the time, there was enough interest in his information, MP Karen McCrimmon attended the crowded meeting.

Just three days before that, Blyth was one of the speakers at a protest of the International Joint Commission’s Ottawa offices (same link as above).

“I’m sure everyone in this room believes in climate change,” Blyth said at that 2019 meeting. “I do believe in climate change. I don’t believe it caused this flooding. What I read in to this is they sacrificed us to save Montreal. Is the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board and the IJC working together to protect shipping profits? I know I’m creeping up on conspiracy theory, but we need to know. The governments of Ontario, Quebec and Canada need to know we’re mad as hell. Any hint of conspiracy theory and we lose all credibility.”

Blyth says he now has new information he hopes to share with the rest of his community.

“Since my previous flood research and presentation, I’ve uncovered numerous additional and surprising facts,” Blyth released in a statement. “As always, every statement of fact is accompanied by one or more references.”

Blyth says he will highlight several new points during the June 15 meeting.

“I’ll show you why (the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board – ORRPB) and Plan 2014 mandates dramatically increase our chances for frequent floods,” Blyth said.

He will show who benefits from an early and rapid spring re-fill schedule on the Ottawa River’s principal reservoirs.

“Can we rely on anyone to be truthful and forthcoming?” Blyth said. “Why can’t we rely on those that are mandated to protect us from flooding? Will we continue to flood? Yes, and you can bet your home on it.”

The presentation will take place Thursday, June 15 at 7 p.m. at the Constance and Buckham’s Bay community centre (262 Len Russell Dr.) in the lower main hall. While the event is free to attend, Blyth says seating is limited.

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