Bunker gear available online

CARP – It’s impossible to visit the Diefenbunker Museum: Canada’s Cold War Museum during the age of COVID-19, but you can look like you did.

The Diefenbunker staff have moved their gift shop online for those looking to get some swag and support the museum during these challenging times.

“We’ve created an online Bunker Boutique and it’s ready for you to shop and explore,” Diefenbunker staff released in a statement May 22. “In these strange and curious times, our line of Bunker apparel seems to have unique relevance with its tongue-in-cheek messaging. You can ‘Take Shelter’ and support your local bunker-turned-charitable-museum. We rely on visitors, like you, to keep our blast doors open. We truly appreciate your support to help keep our museum afloat.”

The Bunker has partnered with a Canadian company to create a line of Bunker Apparel that will deliver right to your door.

“Our Take Shelter branded shirts embrace the stay home mentality,” staff said. “They’re 100 per cent cotton, ultra-soft, and fit well. They come in two colour options. (We love this white and gray camo option). We miss our Bunker but most of all we miss you. If you have any suggestions for the online store and what you’d like to see, please let us know. We’re here for you.

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