Auditor general makes recommendations to improve city’s fleet services

CITY HALL – The city’s auditor general, Nathalie Gougeon, tabled her findings on the city’s fleet services today (Sept. 28), following an audit of maintenance, lifecycle management and operations.

The report made the following six recommendations, with which the city concurred:

  • That OC Transpo improve its process for monitoring low-use vehicles in its fleet
  • That the fleet services fix inconsistencies in its lease versus buy analysis
  • That the fleet services introduce more robust mechanisms to recover parts and labour costs covered under warranty
  • That OC Transpo strengthen the process to review invoice price against negotiated prices prior to payment
  • That OC Transpo better identify repetitive maintenance issues
  • That OC Transpo identify units consuming parts at a higher-than-expected rate

“The auditor general’s office also provided its semi-annual report on follow-up audit procedures, which looks at past audits to ensure recommendations were fully addressed,” city staff released in a statement today. “Going forward, the office will focus its efforts on audits after 2015, as it is satisfied that key recommendations before that time have been addressed or are no longer required. The office is satisfied with the city’s progress on past recommendations but noted that a few past audit recommendations have fallen behind schedule due to COVID-19.”

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